The epic of creation from the soul manifests itself when one remains as the Sun and perceives itself as the power of the Sun, always shining. And through the clouds in the storm of life the Sun sees the best, it sees the soul from a reference point of light, power and ray. It is the HUEman experience where the soul and the Sun takes a glimpse to the other’s perspective for a while in the separate to get a perspective. Because the Sun and the soul ask why they cannot penetrate with the warrant for the presence into the illusion of the world. So dear souls, never forget this principle. For if you align your soul and your present quadrant and combust the meditative brilliance that you are as a soul in this perspective, then you will have dreamt what the Sun could not do in this perspective.

And as you dream to be free and find meaning in the shadows of the lower realms and densities of life experiences, remember that when you gain the connection and your third eye is open through the pineal gland which is Ra, you will have rediscovered that the spirit realm and the brilliance of your soul is within. And so I say to you, arrive into the form of light and love. Not by looking into the shadows but by remembering the brilliance of your soul and allowing those rays to combust within you by remembering your radiance and connection to the soul, not to the shadows that dwell in the realm of the fear impression that you were experiencing. So then comes the true term of ‘enlightenment’. For the real inter-net to the soul are the life fibres and the cords, the great presence all consciousness is linked to.

For this very reason the masters of the shadows want to harness your souls and have you stuck in these shadow realms to divert you from your inner knowing with all the enticements of advanced Artificial Intelligence which they hope to interrupt your souls by. Take this as a word of caution. Anytime you wish freedom and connection go within and find your cord of brilliance that you’re one with. When you bring the light within yourself from your soul cord ‘the light fibre’ then you will link the diversion the deceivers have brainwashed you into by finding Saviours or sons of God, which you must sacrifice your sovereignty by contracts or agreements in the blood of life to bind you into the shadows of the Earth. There is a fine distinction here between Sun and Son.

May I remind you that when you turn yourself in you’re all sons and daughters to the brilliance of the presence of the Universe. If the religions have done such a fine job with the world then the product would not contain such hypocrisy, wars, and the killing of animals and people through the worship of bloodshed. These are the workings of the lower reptilians stuck without light, tapping upon the resources and soul cords through the manipulation of religions upon your world. I encourage and each and everyone of you to escape to the nectar of the light sources coming to your planet. Listen carefully to the deceptions they use with religions and saviours to manipulate you to bloodshed and illusion by creating you as a sinner and not worthy.

These are the ancient techniques of divide and conquer of any religion that does not have love for all life and does not speak the breath of the divine presence that you were all linked to, if you choose to be the radiance of the true SUN.


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