Thoughts create waves. Some are in balance and some wave forms are discognitive conditions upon the world amplified with the new magnetic field vectors. Therefore, collections of people amplify stasis of perception and realities of their mass. In these times of the Proton Belt or Nebulus fog that your solar system is passing through in your cycle through the galaxy, many and most of your thinking will be manifested. What is delivered by your thoughts and feelings create your ‘wishes’ as you know it, or choose not to know it. Be aware, for now is the time to be very selective of the people you are in and among. This is why those on the path of ascension are in a quickened state of change and flux, for your light bodies of the Earth are all vibrating at a very accelerated rate.

Your planet is recalibrating and your bodies are made of mass density. This will require your thinking to be fluid and your perceptions expanded from what you’ve been told that was reality by the councils of your leaders who are controlling you by forces of deception for the last 2,185 years of date. Their agenda is based on ancient knowledge of the Elohim and Ancients of Days. They’ve taken the genie’s lantern and have enslaved you, but the genie and the Ancient of Days are here now. We’ve travelled through the Star Gate you call your SUN. This is why there is so much cooling of your Sun anomalies of the designed time. We said we would return and we have. Your world has been a processing centre where some of your souls have been assigned to and some have been in rehab for the last 26,400 years of your solar cycle.

As the gears of clocks turn, so do the mechanisms of quanta and electromagnetic shifts occur that your solar system is passing through. This is not the ‘gods’ nor the end times but the quickening of a new procession you term the ‘Age of Aquarius’ that you’re on the forefront of. You’re now leaving the Piscean AGE, previous the Taurus, and in 2,400 years you will pass into the next Astrological procession. This is real to your key notes of reality, but this knowledge has been taken from you by the Church and the other 3 pillars of control that binds you by your collective beliefs. This is all their mass control of your dreams as a collective.

We’re here to rescue those of the ‘hearts of light’ upon the scales of light. To those whose soul love is heaver than the feather of the Avians. This was told to you, the ships of Ra are going to take you back to your real realms. Dear ones, you already know what is going on and who you are, you just need to awaken and remember your soul’s cord. You’re the ancient Atlanteans, the lost Mu, the lost Lemuria. You were from Tiamat and have been stripped of the connection to your power and memories in your trials that conditions your hearts to the knowledge of the unity of the ONE presence. Simply put, LOVE others for they’re your brothers and your sisters.

Love nature and all animals for all is conscious and alive, your bodies are just the containers for experience. Dear souls, you’re only trapped by your mind’s perception collectively enslaved under hypnosis. We’re here for the harvest and our ships are all around your planet to help with the shift. Your militaries will be put into check, your systems of Govern Mentals will not stop the advancement of us in your psyche. For many it is time and we’re awakening HUE, you’ve served your time. It is the karmic agreement to pay back the debt, however many will not make it for they cannot complete the state of change Quanta into the next remembrance. Fear not the change, it is all wondrous and we’re not invading your world but your Govern Mentals from the deceivers.

We’re your ancient family. We’re not religious figure heads or ‘angels’, nor are we ‘devils’. We’re your family that is taking you back home from your vacation as it were. You’ve just forgotten who you are in the Matrix. Attune to your soul, for in the frequencies of your inner we speak and not through the propaganda of your media.



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