In the dream of your Earth travels the greatest loss is when you have forgotten to love yourself and be happy. You can achieve only as much as you find the inner connection to your value based on being a channel or vessel to the flows of the cosmic currents and rays that should flow through the expression that is HUE. Until you break free from what “they” may think and accept, you will be in stage fright and your energies will go to the random function of trying to be a crowd pleaser and that will not happen because you’re not in your moment of melody.

For this very reason when people are told to be something under hypnosis they forget their limitations and fly in perfection. This is the key, to un-program from being the receptor of discharge and ill frequency much from the beginning of your early childhood. Parents love your children! For if you break the flow of their presence and creative self by your failure to understand that they are so malleable in their early stages, then you will have programmed an engram that will fester as poison for all the formative years of their life. For many this has happened. You have a core rejection that you suppress as incomplete love-hate messages. I can tell you, this plagues most of you.

The other tool is religion to form negative imprints to the wonderful nature that you are. Your very core becomes a battle ground of good and evil at the core. Until you break this cycle you will be forever limited in the potential that you can be. The only one that can relive this is yourself by understanding it is all a program of self evaluation and comparison to images that are dependent on what others may think of you. We are here to help you remember just how wonderful you all are.

We are taking great steps at this time to make many adjustments by removing the dams to your creative flow. Learn the power of dreams and find the ways to love yourself again.This is the only way to escape the negative programs. Force yourself to do at least one session of duty beginning with actions you can compliment yourself with by action, self commitment and inner respect. This will go a long way in making changes within yourself. You’re all such brave and wonderful souls, never forget that.


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