You’re more than your body and simultaneously living multi-dimensions. With that said, those dimensions each have separate realities and responsibilities in mind functions of each of their dimensions. All of them are linked together to one central core, the spiritual self or the oversoul. This being that you’re connected to is your soul and it has great infinite wisdom and is continually learning the aspects of human nature and other dimensions, even animals. You have no idea of the power in creation that you have access to, but this is limited by the orifice of your conceptual reality in your vibratory rate. The great access is your third eye or the pineal gland but what humans need to understand is that you’re a segment of a script that is limited by that body dimension, and that body dimension has its own reality that you’re responsible for. Just as the other dimensions that are linked together as one that is yourself, you have different tasks to do when you’re operating a ship.

You have the captain, the navigator, the hands on the deck, and you have the engine control. So it is with your soul and the reality of what you are. With that said, you need to live your life in the dimension and reality that you’re in, in the most productive manner with the insight that you have at your fingertips. You know more than you think but it is your thinking that prevents you from knowing what you know. The ancient philosophers and Greek societies that were savvy to potential and self-development, such a Socrates and Aristotle, proved that you have information that you know. You do not know how to access it, and so it is with your lives. What I’m trying to convey here is that you need to let the other cells of yourself do their task, and while you’re in a human body you need to master that task because that is the lesson that you signed up for, the fragment of your soul Consciousness that links you momentarily as a fragment, but you are greater than you think you are.

Understand, this reality has been corrupted with the teachings of your religious manipulative overlords that have twisted fact and your potential power into making you predetermined as a slave to their whims. Thus, they make you dishonour yourself and make you crippled into thinking that you’re not of any potential ability and you need someone else to save you while that someone else is the demigod they created in their religions. So this is why your civilisation has been plagued with wars and manipulation of your psyche of your mind and the shutting down of your soul connection, all to control you and suppress your growth. But you’re indeed responsible for who you are and you have to battle to find yourself against all the programming in this illusion. You get blocked by having a biochemistry that cannot electrically conduct the higher frequencies because of the fuel that you put in it. Moreover, your pineal gland is being destroyed by fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water.


There is an agenda to corrupt your souls and to make the keepers have other thoughts about perpetuating the sickened societies upon your planet. They have perverted your very sexual nature. They sedate your mind by consumption and enslavement of things and possessions, that you must barter for your self validation. All losing you from the touch and the genuineness of your own soul. The basic primal needs of sexual intercourse and relationship for procreation and bonding between man and woman has now become a battlefield of seduction and manipulation, not for love but for potential survival on income because you believe in sparsity when there’s abundance. This subject is very deep and very lengthy to discuss all of the details at this time. My main emphasis in this discourse is to teach you, but in reality you must be dynamic because that is the change you will bring to the frequencies around you and what you will overcome. So rather than worrying about escaping to other wondrous vehicles of technology, part of you is already there.

Rather than worrying about being in the heaven world, your duty is to focus on the wisdom of what you can gain and grow in this quadrant your reality. This is why you’re not given the secrets of the entire dimensions because they would corrupt you, you’re not ready. But those few souls that have quickened within reality and have detached from cause and effect and show and tell to be somebody, they won’t abuse the power that comes to them because they become a vessel that is unified with the higher self and the lower dimensional self in the density of the world that you’re experiencing for your lessons. So rather than being pompous and saved in religions, be active, clear and turn your vision to wisdom, knowledge and the expression of love, maturity and spiritual union within yourself. Not by the values of religion but by the maturity in the growth of your soul for you and only you. The reason there are no prophets coming through is because they are castrated by religiosity.

The young souls coming through are brainwashed and forget what it is that they were asked to bring into the world when they chose to come here, because they’re all caught in the Matrix of these Roman and interdimensional suppressors. They do not want you coming online. So before you wish to escape the planet or call upon UFOs or saviours to rescue you, understand that we’re already here and have been here for quite some time! This is a prison world and many of your souls are doing detention that we’ve spoken of before, to undo the karmic lessons from your previous lives as great magnificent beings that have destructive habits. You have to pay the karma by getting the wisdom of what the potential damage it can do to the soul, and to the other dimensions which you will not be allowed to venture until you get the lesson and graduate from your lower frequencies and let things go, evolve and become one of the family that you’re all part of.

The universe has been and will always be. Two billion years ago this sector was involved with very high entities living in this world with a lots of wonderful devices and technologies. As they say ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun’. Understand the information of this teaching and get it together within yourself first and you can be most effective in changing the world. The world needs to go through an evolution which is quickening right now with all the Earth changes, and I warned you. There is no Jesus or saviour as dreamed and created by the deceivers. This is a sacrificial entity based on blood, deceit and corruption. Not on love, self evolution, and the responsibility of your life to the creation that you are as part of the great oneness of God or the prime source. There have been many great teachers upon your planet in many religions, but they have been turned into religions and archetypes which do not serve you. You see, you need to learn to become evolved as children of the universe and unify with your deep selves, and until you do the lower dimensional aspect of you will be back bound to Earth and carnations.

No different than you doing time or having to pass the test in your schools until you get the grade. You don’t graduate, it’s that simple. You may have great teachers but you must do your own assignment and you must understand the reality of the deeper dimensions that are real beyond the Matrix and the confines of this planet that has been taken over by very disruptive entities. So I say to you, start by the changing of your diet and what you feel within your body and what you’re identifying with. Let your dreams reunite you with the other realities, but let them be what they are.

Raise your frequency to the Union with all.


The Teachings of Quential

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