What you need to understand is that you’re not original, and yet you’re original in who you are and what you do. This may sound perplexing but in fact it’s true and furthermore, you’re all in your identification and part of a collective of the society that you’re in. That which shines through your heart into your chakra centres is the radiance that comes from your soul, your spirit, and your spark and that is triggered by your actions, integrity, and your love, and that is your original presence. Understand that knowledge is power and everything you can gain for knowledge is the alphabet for the soul to talk to you and also your interdimensional guides and your spirit guides. It gives them more access for vowels and numbers as it were.

In your mind concepts are pieces of the puzzle that can help you fabricate greater meaning for your life. So I say to you, copy that which is pleasing and good and potentially of the highest vibration. Copy that right into your heart because you’re all part of it. Stop trying to be original because you are. I must point out that acceptance begins with yourself because it is your soul that critiques who you are. So rather than hold your beads and chant and do your Rosary, get off your knees. It’s all a prop of your ignorance that doesn’t placate when you’re in disturbance to yourself. You see, brilliance comes from within. The more you listen to your life force, the more you listen to who and what you are. The voice of your real self comes through that of your soul and links to your greatness.

This is why knowledge is so important. Gain what you can, but you cannot possess it because it is always changing. There are new technologies and there are ancient technologies but the duties of wisdom and insight are the things that seem to be of the higher nature that is really the key point of your life. So I say to you, that ‘attitude with gratitude’ will amplify your greatest good and service to yourself and the world, for this is a universal principle. Understand, you must be flexible so that your mind can sit through many different wavelengths and always expand. But to those that have conquered the body and the Earth mind in society and have become a warrior in unison with your soul, then a whole new world opens up. A whole new dimension that accesses the greater higher frequencies.

Upon your world there are many doors to open and if that is your choosing and selection they will all take you to different rooms wherever you want to go. For life upon your world is an experience and a duty. Your vacation in the body will bring great joy, wisdom and knowledge so that when your soul spark leaves this personality of a body it can take to its greater self the jewels of wisdom and experience and the lessons in life that are eternal. You’re all wonderful beings, though some of you are troubled. Keep in mind, within your very dearest precious self is a voice that is needing to be heard and that is your soul. Learn to find it and life will graciously provide you the avenues for your expansion and growth, for this is the connection back to your soul on the pathway home.


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