All of the planets are on one side of the Sun at this time and very close to the Earth. This is a great time of energies coming from deep within the local galaxy bringing in the New Age of Aquarius. From the Taurus procession came Moses closing the ancient ways. Bringing in the change of the Piscean Age was Yeshu, the Essene Teacher. We are now in the forefront of the Age of Aquarius. Activation of ancient grids and knowledge is happening on the inner of many of those around you. New frequencies are updating the planets in your sector to a great time of illumination, and not by any means of the Illuminati. These groups that have stumbled upon the ancient legends from Egypt have stolen the information from the keepers and have in their possession a vast amount of information that has not been used to raise mankind and inform human civilization of the Great Ones that travel from the Heavens to Earth in great ships.

This is the Return of RA, the light beings and keepers of the Flame, the SUN and Suns. Now is a time of openings in the Solar disc and many of the craft and delegations are returning and coming in and out of the porthole, the Solar Sun of your Earth and other bodies. Because the records and the information that were given to mankind have been corrupted by the Church and the other created religions, there is a time of great peril and undoing for your misguidance. The body forms you dwell in have been compromised by the agenda of the collective corruptive forces upon your world. What they teach is half-truth and chains events, the know from the secret books of Thoth and the Teachings of the Egyptians to include the Egyptian Book of the Dead. There is a great war going on for territory of Earth and the surrounding planets over entitlements to the experiments of life forms and this real estate of this frequency sector in the lower realms of material.

Currently your solar system is passing into the null zone of intense photon radiation and your Sun is going through a transition and maintenance. It is shutting down to an idle mode as another heavenly body is coming near you term Planet X, Nibiru the “Cross over Planet” that is venturing its cycle of 3600 years at this time. This is why the planets are on one side of your Sun. Many ships of advanced technologies are now entering this space time event to adjust the Solar Disc and also to open up the gates of great energies that will flood all the planets in this sector. Great disturbances of changes in epic proportions are taking place upon the world and planets. This is a time of the return of the Ancients of Days. Many star ships are landing and preparing for rapid adjustments in this time of cleansing. This is not a time of End nor of punishment, however the rulers upon your world will be ejected.

This they know and are now going to sabotage events that they know that are to occur from the legends and manuscripts hidden in the Vatican and other temples of the higher Mason groups that have been suppressing your world for the last 2,400 years. Along with volcanos, earthquakes, and severe weather anomalies there will be many meteors and objects appearing in the skies. We have hundreds of ships cloaked and are protecting your planet from meteors and objects of larger scale. We are working with your current leaders of the Elite and Secret Space Programs to take down the Cabal and money lords that have run your world. Many compromises have been made including your great leader of business that can’t be bought, Donald Trump. One great indicator is that he must now disclose in a short time the secrets to the public. This is why he has authorised a special Army of Space now mentioned, but in effect since the 1950s with great technologies.

In addition, great toys and unprecedented jewels of your history and ours are being unearthed in the Mountains of Afghanistan and Antarctica, as all the world leaders are re-adapting history. But we are here and have made it quite clear that they’re not going to have the same access of the Atlanteans until their agendas are used for peaceful means, and the current trends of the industrial war complex be obliterated for its harmful corruptive agendas. There is great awakening that must now occur within each of you to find your real power and ancient remembrances with access to your soul and ancient ties. As mentioned before many of you are in detention and suffering, equal to the states you chose to be ignorant of honour, integrity and love for yourself and others, including the wondrous animal kingdoms. It is now time to re-evaluate just who and what you really are as beings and children of the Universe.

We have quite a task of healing you on the inner and outer worlds. Much pain and suffering has plagued you because of the ignorance of your world governments and religions. How can we convince you to know that this is real? Perhaps with bitesize information packets like this. I trust if you’re reading this you’re already underway with many releases and personal changes to induce higher frequencies. Just remember duty, LOVE, clear thinking and actions will allow us into your frequencies which we resonate at. Just be aware of the electro magnetic pollution that is plaguing your bodies and causing havoc to your health, along with the poisonous fluorides and toxic food you have been eating. The corporations have been directed to reduce your chances of evolution and spiritual advancement of consciousness derived from the inner dimensional self, not the outer.

Your masses are being programmed to become an experiment of Artificial Intelligence and mental soul entrapment into these electronic devices and stimulations that are overriding your spiritual attention to the real states that are to occur upon your planet. Be watchful to the enticements that draw your minds from the connection of your souls. This is not a pretty picture what the New World Order has been designing for your entrapment, right down to surveillances and computer simulated control. Your habits are being mimicked into the notions and thinking made easy for you to further link you into a living computer that they are working with to enslave you.

Be watchful and linked to your inner voice and know we are here.


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