Your imagination connected with feelings of love is a high frequency of your divine energy. The melody of your soul is amplified with what inspires and motivates you and this is fundamental to your spiritual evolution. Set your goals with your awareness within the present moment with your consciousness fully centered within the heart. The Universe reveals its magic and all of its wonders to those who dare follow their hearts.

Transforming yourself from the trails of the past must be healed within the present moment with the necessity of you being fully conscious of your thoughts and actions. Your memories can affect your intentions within the now if you allow this to be so. If you are in despair of the love not received from your childhood (or previous lessons) you’re not giving love in the present moment.

Your spiritual growth comes from the total acceptance of your own trials and path, where you’re mindful of your conditional responses arising from emotional discomfort. The vision of the heart reaches far beyond the confines of this material realm. The wisdom of all the experiences you have mastered are etched within the soul as the jewels of your intelligence, and this is your greatness.

You have the power to uplift the consciousness of humanity with your own creations. This is the gift of inspiration and motivation. Look deeper within oneself and your true path shall reveal itself. Your experience is determined by your own energy. Being consciously aware of the world around you and the force of your spirit will impact your future potential. Connecting with the Universe and its potential power requires you to lift your emotions with you being more balanced, and it is here you can transform your goals into reality.

The ability to merge the divine qualities of love and forgiveness within your experience are the keys to your ultimate power. Unite with the vision of your soul and allow your consciousness to become adrift upon the vast ocean of your depths. Radiating love and divine healing energy shall take you on to the path of the stars. What will you choose to experience?

Trust in your ultimate power and KNOW of your greatness.

Anna NaRaca RA

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