The acquisition of power comes from determination applied with conscious direction of insight gained by knowledge. The concept of freeloading spirituality is a misconception of this principle. You just don’t gain it, you earn it by action, discipline and good habits. The path of strength and power and spiritual dynamics must be directed with the determination for the path of knowledge.

Knowledge comes from steadfastness, discipline and action in a direct and focused manner. Obviously if you think somebody else is going to breastfeed you through infancy or teach you to walk then you’re seeking the path of delusion and religious dilemma, not spiritual insight and growth. There’s a wicked force upon your world that thinks it has the right to take your self identity and control you.

That you’re somehow useless containers and chattel to be limited and controlled for their betterment. Well as long as you continue to eat their food, their propaganda and teachings that’s what you will be worth to them. All the true ancient teachings and seeking of knowledge of the wise ones have been taken with the conquering of Rome to Egypt, and all the other great civilisations knowledge that had been upon the world.

And to this day they still plug your economics, your religious beliefs and your sciences making you crippled with an ill purpose for life itself. There must come a time in your life where you have to throw out all the religions, all the propaganda, and teaching and take the path of knowledge and self-realisation. Until you do, you’ll be nothing more than a cog mechanism integrated within the Matrix that controls and rules you.

The epic of the creation of your power must come from focus, study, observation, and realisation. It must be a path that you find within yourself without having to prove it to others because when you start to do that you will be more concerned on trying to please them than trying to find your own sacred sovereignty and self-power of knowledge. Step one is to forsake the programming of the planet and go inward to your innate knowledge and listen to the voices of your inner dialogue.

Here lies the love when your spirit speaks and you learn how to listen. This is not the path for everyone, but only those that wish to find their evolution and power in the growth of their soul.


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