There comes a time when a presence takes over your consciousness. You become a person so bright and so knowing that you sit back and enjoy the wisdom, and that is your personal coach guiding you with wisdom like no one else. This happens when one’s ocular of vision opens up to the mind of the superconsciousness. The superconsciousness is the soul that you truly are that is perceiving through your eyes, for it is you that sees, it is you that speaks, and it is you that is in action. This is the voice of your soul of who you really are. Your mind is forever conditioned and manifests duplication and its learning process. Your minds are a sponge to assimilate information in this opportunity through your physical body.

How dare the controllers and their false religions teach you that something else other than your own soul is going to save you. And may I ask, save you from what? From hell, fire and brimstone? Hell is a state of consciousness, not a place you go to. How absurd it is to think that the creative force that is in everything wants self-sacrifice to love itself. As well as how you think if you take upon your body a conscious soul from the death of animals that have been tortured and killed for your benefit of what you call food. Everything is linked to feelings and emotion. All of this is shut down by the action of fear and worry and this is how you’re controlled with mass hysteria, poor food and violence.

Even the natural occurrence of your sexual identity is being distorted where sex becomes a bartering of an empty consciousness seeking to manipulate and gain, and not to the powers of love and connection with the bringing in of a new life through the union of man and woman. I must say, those that rule your world have caused such great repression in your consciousness and state of soul evolution in your passing of time of Earth. Even your very technologies are now being used to brainwash you and make you brain-dead so that you no longer think on your own, replacing what religions have done. How many of you can go a day without having your phone in your hand, directing you and telling you what to do and think?

You’re all being linked into a central computer. Your soul energy is being set up with programs that will mimic what you are as a soul being in a body to entrap you. Everything you do is being monitored, from what you speak to your very purchases by great and evil forces upon your world, the New World Order. This is the all-seeing eye of the dominating force that wants to control what you are. So if you voluntarily give up your sanctity and your sovereignty in the mechanisms of these devices and stop thinking for yourself and learning who you are with your own vision and creativity, then surely you will become part of a cog in the wheel and a prisoner in your soul’s journey.

You must learn to listen, to turn yourself in. Get away from religions that teach you not to look for your soul, for they’re part of the controller’s agenda taken from the wisdom of the Egyptians and the ancients like the Sumerians and Atlanteans. The rulers of this secret order, the Illuminati and the Masons, work with entities that promised them game and worldly pride when they’re actually doing the work for their takeover and corruption with the experiment of your lifeforms in the human body. I have seen these beings in action and they have large cranial brain power. They can take over and override even your sense of who you are.

They control people like pawns in a game of Chess. You make their job easy for them when your vibrations are low because then you do not have the help of the higher Pleiadian and Lumerian energy. Keep in mind dear souls, you’re in a quadrant of detention. Your souls are great and your power has great potential. A million years earlier when you once had this in the great civilizations, you were corrupted with pride, insanity, self-indulgence, and lack of spiritual wisdom. So you have been put into body forms in this lower collective and 3-dimensional world so that you can start again and imprint on your soul the cause and effect, and the worthy of access to your higher powers and potential once again.

This is why some of your religions are so misleading because they want you on your knees to demean you of your character and power. I ask that you have the courage to look behind the charade that is being programmed into your consciousness to keep you stuck for agendas that are not for your best interest and soul’s evolution. Caveat emptor to the soul, incarnate beware. Open your eyes and see of the forbidden fruit. When the snakes of the spine open and fire off potentiality to your brains on the left and right the Serpents of energy and yin and yang call the motivating currents that blast to the seat of your soul the pineal gland, the iris to the inner dimension of RA the real Sun.

For truly when you have activated these potentials you can look into the sun and the sun does not look too bright. When you reach that point you will know that you have become a master. The world you live in is so low of conscious awareness and love that if you put in even half here you would be able to become evolved enough to not incarnate unless you choose to into these lower Realms. Keep in mind the potentiality of collective consciousness because it can override your sense of wisdom and reality by peer pressure and conditioning of the illusioned. The Path of Knowledge sometimes requires breaking out of the eggshell of society and thinking outside of the box.

Until you break the shell and see the world and develop the wings of a mighty dragon then you will be stuck in the sleeping ovum of your society and all its concepts that have been there to keep you trapped. So when you find yourself lonely without information or knowing understand you’re stuck in the midst of the conditioning that all the media, religions and the Matrix have used to bind you to your sense of inner reason. The path of inner sight must come from clarity, self-study, self-respect, integrity, and love for all things including respecting the fuel you put in your body to combust, which activates your mind and your health.

The path for the masses is a herd of asses, all unified with one thought of scarcity and numbness in the social circus world. But sooner or later you can only throw so many darts and ride so many Ferris wheels that your soul wants to go home and remember who and what it was as a foreign entity. The greatest show on Earth is for you to conquer your self-illusion.


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