The Earth and society are about to have a climatic change of biblical proportions, not necessarily sung by religions or wrathful gods. You see, all of you have incarnated many times and are continuing to work off your karma and get your act together. It is unfortunate that the group that runs your world are working with agencies, interdimensional beings and aliens that are not of your best interest and are interfering with the progress of humanity. However, all things are cured with cycles and planetary connections, all of which are fractally involved. Your planet is not new nor are your souls. The only thing that is newest is the programming in your bodies by agencies of secret orders.

The secret orders know more beyond the hidden depths of your history, however, all of this will change as the planet will be going through significant cataclysmic changes from volcanoes to solar mass ejections, earthquakes and even possibly a pole shift, as well as many meteorites and an asteroid heading for the Earth. It’s no wonder why there are so many underground military bases stored with food and provisions for the elite. Do the research, you can find this is not a conspiracy. This is a time of great house cleaning and your previous leaders and religious figureheads are all being exposed for their wrongdoings and misleadings. The current President Donald Trump has a lot on his plate because when this hits the fan it’s going to be cataclysmic and unworldly on mass events. Look at the signs.

With your current religious beliefs, you will not be able to understand or comprehend the fact that there has always been very advanced technologies and interdimensional and intergalactic visitors monitoring the petri dish of Earth. I have spoken before that this is a detention world for souls that have been brought to work things out. However, it’s also a time of reckoning. The curtain is coming down so there’s going to be a lot of involvement with extraterrestrials being seen and many celestial objects coming and going. There’s much going on in Antarctica with the uncovering of the ancient civilisations of your forefathers and your Atlantean civilisation.

Meanwhile, many of the seals are being opened and many of you are being awakened to knowing that there’s more than just your bodies and your Matrix you call society and your world. They have systematically shut down your pineal gland and brainwashed your thinking so that your context is only based on perhaps ten thousand years. Believe me, it goes further. Needless to say, your souls are connected to your ancestry and your family, some of which are other origins and planetary systems. You have to think outside of your time scope and you have to reach within. There is much information coming to each and every one of you, should you take the time to understand it.

I suggest you sharpen your mind and your survival skills and the relationship with yourself and your soul because you’re going to need it. The Earth is going to go through a significant shift and change. Many of you are having dimensional shifts as well and your light body rejuvenating. It’s the time of quickening so find the importance of your soul in peace and harmony and especially take care of the unit that you’re in with proper food and detoxify yourself so your vibrations high. Do not be too complacent that everything is okay because all you need to do is look at the weather and the earthquakes. If this doesn’t prompt you, it should.

Your family and your ancestors are reaching to each and every one of you to awaken you the best way they can. Your scorecard is measured by the light in your intelligence and harmony and how you have done in the reprogramming of the lessons lifetime after lifetime. There’s no quick fix, you are what you are. With that said the vibrational frequencies that you’re capable of experiencing will be manifesting to each and every one of you and much things will happen. You will have memories opening up and you’ll understand the greater picture. This is a time of great cleansing and not a time of punishment.

Things are going to be barricaded for a while and your governments are in a panic because they’re being disciplined with groups of very advanced infantry that are counteracting their false agendas. This is not the issue, however, their powers are higher than the ones controlling you and the fallen ones that are predatory on your life force energy. There’s going to be a lot of malfunctions with their spacecraft and with your technologies. Your human race is not as high as it appears to be even with your toys and weaponry. Many of you are going to be awakened with new light bodies and be released from this dimensional prison world.

Think of it as the warden bringing you in for a review. It is a busy and wondrous time. Keep your vibrations high and understand that you’re linked with greater life forces in union with your soul and physical form. Try to keep your mind open because this is going to go against all of the religious propaganda you have been force fed. Get your affairs in order, particularly your body and soul. Significant changes will be happening with the weather in the next 3 months. Get your camping gear, your flashlights, and your emergency provisions ready. I say this as a courtesy not to fear you.

It will all pass in good form.


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