May I ask who walks with your feet? Who moves your feet forward and makes a decision to go right, left or forward? Are you a puppet, an angel or a devil? Is there an angel on your left shoulder and a devil on your right telling you what to do? Is there a saviour to walk for you? Chances are there is not. With that established let’s begin the lesson. Everything that happens to you is a result of your energy. Your transmission, your thoughts and perceptions about yourself and others create your reality. When you learn this lesson you begin to awaken to the wonderful benefits of being a self-actualised being.

With that said, you have a certain sense of inner knowledge and judgment. You know what you need to do for yourself and your actions because your very soul speaks to you. Not your cravings, not your loss nor your desires. Your soul knows who and what you are every time you look in the mirror. So the best thing to do is to learn to look at yourself in the mirror and learn to love and to see yourself in the best vision and to be in your best and do your best. When you have an injured and poor self-image and you’re insecure, these are the effects of your projection with your relationships wherever you go.

Your perception of reality is your reality. Too many times you know the answer of what you need to do but you’re so worried about trying to show good face that you’re actually not focusing on what it is you actually need to do. I say this because oftentimes you know that there’s an agenda of being organised, there are critical things that you know you need to take care of and they will haunt you until you deal with them. You have to learn to allocate your time with priorities and stay focused in present time otherwise you’re not necessarily working at your best cause.

You’re working to your belief systems which oftentimes are a product of your self rejection or your programming from your parents or your friends and social context. It isn’t until you break out to reveal and counsel yourself with the vision of your soul that you begin to really create who you are. You could all be such advanced beings once you unplug from the system of self-judgment and focus on what your very own soul is telling you. But instead, you’re programmed to thinking these voices are either the devil or angels. Once again you must learn to walk on your own two feet and you must learn to be the cause of your intention.

Once you stop being programmed that somebody else is going to save you then there is real work to do. So take ethics out of this picture and judgment, and all of the things you fear. They’re meaningless because your soul has the very script that you need to germinate and become the dynamic being that you are. The purpose of your life is for growth. Remember Earth is a wondrous place in which to evolve and get your lessons and when your body and your life ends all of the information and lessons learned go to your soul, not your personality and not the body.

So be a good student and follow the path of wisdom and self-knowing so that you can become an advanced member of the Universe ahead of you.


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