There is no quick pass or fix for a turbulent soul that has a great density of chaos around their psyche. I must say, many of you forget the laws of cause and effect, ‘what you reap you sow’ in what you call Karma. If you’re tired you need to rest. When you’re tired, you do not charge your body or use your mind and it becomes out of character and lazy. If you extend beyond what is reason for more than two days and overwork yourself rather than be of a balanced lifestyle you will be run down and your reserves will be lost or spent.

The problem is if you think that your stimulants, your alcohol and your toxins in your mind are going to hide you from your irresponsibility in life, then you are illusional. The brain has a unique chemistry of opiates and reward systems, so do your adrenals. If you’re negligent in the maintenance of your body you will have a hard time existing in the physical. There is no substitute for the joys of hard-working satisfaction and the passion in your work because these release beta-endorphins.

When you’re curing the body and mind and dedicated you release other opiates that are naturally occurring and alkaloids which stimulate your creative faculties. If you take substances to get immediate reactions by a quick pass then you will override the mechanisms of reward and you will become a victim of drug addictions. If your body is run down, your blood sugar low and you eat refined sugar without flavonoids and B vitamins you will have disrupted your energy-producing mechanisms for your blood sugar level. You will become toxic and full of conditions like diabetes.

You must learn to be the master of your vehicle and maintain it if you wish to function with your soul as a created being, or you will be lost and trapped by your very body because of mechanisms that are out of control by chemical substances. The metronome of balance may take a lot of nutritional changes as well as exercise with the discipline of your mind and the consumption of your thoughts and food. My advice is if you feel things in your body and you’re tired, rest.

When you disrupt the normal balancing of your body that is designed and is a manufacturing state of great technology then you will have a price to pay with the quality of your life.


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