The attributes of your being are never laid in stone but your core nature is the crystalline structure of your being. Do understand, that you create what you are by the image you project as an entity and individual. Realise dear souls, that your image is what you project and you can’t expect anybody else to see you as anything different on what you’re projecting. You’re all mirrors to each and every one of you. Can you even embrace this concept? As you have clothes to wear for certain occasions, that is what you have dressed and you wish to project.

It is no different than the sides of your personality and what it is you want to project by your image. What you project people respond to accordingly. If all that you have is tattered and soiled clothes in the closet of your mind that you choose to hold as your reality and self-worth, people will look at you as that matter of appreciation. You’re your very own projections of what you house yourself with, and they will respond to accordingly. Do you not even know that you’re free to fill the closets of your mind and imagination and creative self of your soul and your creative life force?

If you want to be loved and seen different you can choose your best clothes. If you don’t have anything new, at least polish your shoes and iron out your nature so that when you project yourself to people you have a sense of confidence. How can you be expecting great things in your life if the energy you project is always coming from a place of shame or inadequacy? You can’t expect people to see you as anything different than what you project and how you feel at your core levels. So make it your nature to change and to dress accordingly.

Use different aspects of yourself. If you find people not relating to you, look to see if that part of your psyche needs cleaning and ironing, or even replaced. Dress your physical with honor, present yourself polished and people will respond to you polished. You create the lure of your life by your projections and the bait that you put out for others. The very essence is of pheromones and smell, to the very way that you keep your body fit and clean. If you don’t have pride in who you are then nobody will have pride in you. Get it together dear souls, you have a whole galaxy of experiences ahead of you and it isn’t just this world.


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