Just what is love and partnership between a man and woman? Look at it like a bank account and an investment, when one is in a relationship with another they must always keep track of the fair market value of each other. This is where respect and appreciation come in, or the lack thereof in the taking for granted. You see, when you invest love in the bank account of somebody, you keep making deposits. These deposits are special things you do for your partner, for the one you love. The ‘to dos’ are an appreciation for the one you’re spending your life with.

The more deposits that you make the more interest that you have against overdrafts of negativity and misaligned understanding between each other that often come and go in a relationship. When you’re overdrawn the interest in each other bounces and then you become angry at each other and there is no reserve. Quite frankly, this is why relationships fail because people become annoyed and they forget to keep making deposits into their joint bank account for depreciation and soul connection of their soulmate. When a woman becomes crabby and annoying the man will respond accordingly.

When the man becomes upset and doesn’t listen to the woman then the same thing follows and the deposits of their connection and interest begin to dwindle. If you keep complaining to your partner about your own projections of dissatisfaction without working together as a team for your investment, when the stock market of your world begins to break down by your ageing and conflicts in life, then you don’t invest together for the connection that you once had in the earlier years of your relationship. For people who love each other, the more years they have they become the best of friends.

They become business partners with love and connection and they watch each other’s back working together as a team amplifying the strengths of each other. So when a woman is menstruating or upset and without respect and tries to control and change him, he will counteract by not taking her seriously and lose interest for she becomes a burden and an annoyance. I suggest to you to rewrite the scripts and look at your love as an investment and maintenance because life is temporal and always changing.

Opening up a bank account between two souls in the form of love deposits is one of the greatest joys of life, it is security in itself. So to all those people that are gold diggers and charlatans of love, you do nothing but jade yourself and others. You do not know the real meaning of joy with a business partner that is also your lover. So one must look at the statements periodically and you’ll find that if you start to counteract these changes of negativity by making deposits of appreciation, you’ll know it’s a deposit that you have invested with the one you love and this will do a great thing to the magic of your relationship.

Dear souls, understand you’re responsible for the way others respect you and the way you respect them. Never take love for granted. The first precious thing that life offers between two people or even an animal is an enhancement, responsibility and a duty to manage those that you love, including your children. Respect is not innate, it is done through action. If you do not have an attitude of acknowledgment and appreciation when people do things for you then you’ll dissipate the fluids that can never share hearts.

For love is a juice and a nectar that the soul serves to each.


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