When you’re in flow with access to the soul, your mind, thinking and your purpose becomes very clear. Therefore, reality is in sync and you can become a dynamic creator of your intent. Since you’re all children of prime source, you’re all creative beings. You just need to remember and unplug from what is limiting you. There are activations happening with many of you. Your minds are becoming sharper than you’ve ever known because they’re not the mind of your body but of your light body activating in the DNA. To arrive at the rockets of your physical form you must boost to the higher dimensions you term a broader bandwidth. I need to make it very clear the power of food that you take into your body and the vibrations. Those that are direct life-forms with consciousness such as animals will cause tremendous havoc in your expansion if there is fear and death energy from the flesh that you think you need. Alcohol is a neurotoxin and lowers your mental capabilities and your frequency.

So until you start with proper oxygenation in your body and health with food and a diet of consciousness and loving thoughts, you will not a reach this cosmic state of consciousness that you’re entitled to. In order to ascend you need to lessen the weight of illusion. The propaganda and brainwashing is the agenda of those that have kept you enslaved. You’re all fibres of light of the dynamic consciousness that is prime source and it is through your hearts, mind, eyes and vision that you will see magic happen because you’re magic. You need to remember how to find your power and to glimpse the potential of who and what you are. There’s a great change and a great awakening. Not everyone is ready, they’re too delusional with bad habits. Oh, but the joys of running into serendipitous creation and manifesting instantly without the struggles of the mind and the worldly illusions! This is your birthright as a conscious creator! The consciousness that you are comes from the one presence of the whole universe which is beyond your comprehension, endless and eternal.

You have to hypnotise yourself with the spontaneity and brilliance of source. In other words, you need to wake up from the spell that has been a cast upon your minds for many incarnations by choosing to follow the Matrix. Many of your issues are lighting up and dissolving including bad relationships and associations. For those that are disillusioned the density, chaos, and mental confusion is also weighing heavy like a magnetic pole of attraction. Things are becoming what they are by their nature. You can’t mask it, you are what you are. The whole fabric of all life on the spiritual plane begins with the understanding of love and compassion for everyone and all things. Your vibrational core is what you are and so if you’ve uncompleted business and are still blaming other people and do not have good health habits, your pain is from your missed concepts of reality and illusion that you try to suppress with toxins. The densities of which will entrap you further.

Your solar system is going through the null zone and the fires of the creative force are now coming to the planet. It’s like a great furnace, the dross and slack is falling away and collecting. But the pure gold of your soul is what has precipitated through the temperament of your incarnations, and that is what will be in the remains of what you are at the core. Those that are awake have a natural frequency of love to everyone. This is difficult because they’re often portrayed and seen as weak because of their natures. They seem to be easy predators for the selfish abusive entities that suck their life force juices from them, that they can’t create within their own connection to their soul. So your life is to learn if you’re an empathic loving being, to sharpen your sword and cut these vampiric entities out of your life and mind. You see, you need to love yourself because through loving actions you create. If you do not love yourself the illusion is like a chain reaction.

A chain reaction is a domino effect, a perpetuating force that needs to be stocked or encouraged, depending on what is reacting. Dear souls, in your incarnation strength is to not be victimised nor naive to the natures of people. That is why so many good folks on Earth tend to incarnate so that they can learn to be resilient and to lay their line in the sand to sharpen their swords of the intellect and cut loose. Spiritual Warriors, show the swords of your intellect and don’t participate in the reactions with others. Understand, there’s a time to fight, a time to battle, and a time to neglect the drama tickets that others want you to participate in so they can project and unload their illusion on to you. Of course, that is your choice. In other words, your chains happen by your reaction to others. That’s what keeps you trapped, especially in the realms of fear and worry. Take care of business but be careful of the frequency that you establish by reacting. It is good to have a good bar and it is good to show your teeth, but walk away.

For when you begin to battle with people and get stuck in their dramas you have created a chain reaction that holds you to their level. This is a fine line in your growth of the soul. There are many people that are predatory because they know the power of people’s love and they draw them in and they become hosts. Your lesson is to stop this, to look them in the eye and to call them on their delusion and do not participate. You can have love for others and compassion but you do not need to facilitate a chain reaction into the dimension of their chaos. As with all things, the yin and yang and the opposites, surround yourself in the environment of people with purpose and love, and create a collective potential of life in minds that are of the higher path and honour. In doing so, you will amplify what you are by association and this is a positive chain reaction.

All chains are as strong as the weakest link.


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