The hardest experience people go through on Earth is within their shadows. Shadows are the things that haunt you because you can’t bring light to them, but they’re watching. These are the things in your pile of unresolved issues that light up from within and project to all around you as a shadow. You often term these spheres anxieties and phobias. They are fragments of yourself that have been invalidated when you can’t come to conclusions with your own information about a situation that is unresolved.

These are deep pressures of tied up energy. You know of them because you react and are afraid of possible inappropriate behaviour or reactionary things within yourself. These are the shadows, the inner child that has not been loved. This has been fractured and not been allowed to voice, and they become conflicting gremlins in your later life. You all have these. Gremlins are the unsolved situations that are reactionary hot buttons within yourselves. The greatest creative force you have as a human being is your emotions.

It’s not necessarily your thoughts or your thinking. It is the reactionary trigger points that come from feelings that have not been allowed to manifest or be resolved by the mind, so there is a separation, you’re a reactionary person with soul blisters that have never healed. Reach a state to realise these are shadows of your unconscious and resolved issues. You see, shadow disappears when you bring light to it. So when these things trigger you with deep emotional pain and fear, learn to take moments and face it with the light in the study of your fears.

When you bring light and understanding and come to conclusions with unresolved images of your past, you carefully mine the depression and let these flow out of the top of your mind, your heart and your body. Look at them in a meditative state without judgment which further keeps you stuck because you’re dealing with invalidations of your structure of your soul. Dear souls much of what you repeat in your life is a result of these particular pressure points.

You have to renew the raw areas of your soul that have splinters one by one, and here’s your work to do for enlightenment. The gremlins need to be understood for they’re your own creation. When you learn to love yourself and focus with light and release the pressure, you have done wondrous work for your healing process of the unloved child. I encourage this process a little each week in your life. This feeling of reviewing and bringing light to your deepest shadows will go a long way. Be in present time fully embraced with your feelings which is your creative power.


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