The essence of your being centres around feelings. Feelings are what you term emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. The power that you have from source and consciousness is based on the integration of feeling with conscious thought, which is creation. Each and every one of you on the planet is in the creation of yourself, your self-identity and self-actualization. You come to the planet with a script of achievements and goals. In a sense, you ask yourself ‘what can I do to become stronger?’.

So if you haven’t noticed, life repeats many examples and experiences until you overcome it with the victory of strength, because it’s no different from taking a test until you pass. As with the knowledge of creation your emotions have to be understood, played and tried for what their potential rewards and negative potentials are. In essence, you’re proving the consequences of your actions in this world that is a controlled petri dish as it were. The soul is consciousness, the spirit is consciousness and it is multi-dimensional no different than a server with a station of a smaller unit that’s your body form.

You must plug in and connect yourself to your central server which is your oversoul. Many of you are so used to getting viruses from the world around you with your perceptions of reality that you’ve forgotten what you already know. It isn’t until you get to a state within your psyche that you download upgrades to reformat and reboot your consciousness in the Matrix of this world. Your superconsciousness can be formed on the inner. When you grasp this reality you will understand that you need to conquer the test with victory, understanding, and knowledge.

This is what you requested when you incarnated, all to make you stronger and more aware. The Universe is measured in harmonic vibration. Everywhere you go the density of your soul and your consciousness by default attracts you to your experiences in the planes of your existence. You’re learning to be Masters in the making. Do well and study your life for this is a fantastic opportunity for growth. That’s why you keep coming back by your voluntary acceptance to do so. There are many other universities but this one is the most challenging for it works with every depth of your duality and insanity.

This is one of the greatest Matrix ever set up for your growth. Remember you have chosen your life and the scripts that you’re experiencing. Now is your test for soul evolution and growth.


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