Take the worry out of action and address what you need to do. All too many times you worry about how you’re going to get things done with workloads when all you have to do is just focus on getting it done. If you like what you do it’s no different than looking at a large plate of delicious food. You don’t worry about eating it, you just take one bite at a time. Your tasks should be done effortlessly without placating your mind with the stresses of how difficult things are because it is mostly your mind that gets in the way.

When you want to go somewhere you move one foot forward and you start doing what it is you want to do. It’s that simple to get things done. You need to be in the moment without worrying about trying to do things quickly or in a specific time frame. Get out of this nonsense and just be in a flow and you will have endless energy. Oftentimes it is your very mind and worries that deadlock your creative potential and flow of energy to get things done, with the rewards of clearing off your plate so that you could have a new serving when it is time.

Dear souls do not overwhelm yourself. You’re not here for slavery but you must take care of your daily acts and duties. Always take care of the most pressing things first for they weigh deeply upon your minds. Do take time to recreate or you will find your life dissipating and energy levels of laziness appearing. Production will come with enthusiasm and passion with what you do.

No matter what it is you do have a good attitude and this will make your tasks much more manageable. Be away from those with negative attitudes, they can bring you down for they’re unhappy within. Stay away from these people, keep your surroundings in order and your soul will be much closer for it knows what is in balance and what is in chaos.

The Universe will reward you when you’re on the right path of production and clarity, always.


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