It is the time for you and your whole society to awaken because the illusion that you’ve been kept in cannot contain itself with the new changes about to happen on your planet. You’ve already seen the weather changes, you’ve seen many earthquakes and many volcanoes. This is all leading to the fact that something is changing, not only on your planet but all the planets including the Sun. Each and every one of you is connected to the innate presence of consciousness. You are more than what you believe but you have been suppressed of your knowing and made slaves.

This is a great time of change and you can see by the unrest of the world and the governments. But the select order has by privilege knowledge of their findings in earlier battles and your history. They do know of what is to come. Be very careful of what is happening in the world as a sidetrack, because much greater things are happening beyond your imagination. But not only is the world rumbling with changes, each and every one of you are having many changes occur in your lives. Many of you are the fragments of the ancients that got stuck into the three-dimensional duality and need more time to process your natures.

There is a harvest that is to occur with those that can move forward to higher dimensions and those that cannot, and once again they will have to take more and more time until they can get it. Love is compassion and the dynamic of what you are. You have to take responsibility and be the best you can be. Ancient keepers are returning, you may know them as RA. You see, there is a greater potential that you must experience in power and creation If you do not have love and respect for others, the higher chapters of your consciousness and remembrance of what you are will not be given.

This is a great time to do well in your processing because your old patterns need to change to newer refined, calmer ways of being. It is time now time for your freedom and disclosure because you have all been duped by religions, government controls and negative forces teaching you distortion about your very nature and taking away your mind into artificial intelligence. This a collective consciousness that doesn’t want you to have self-judgment or any judgment for that matter and this is a grave error that will distract many of you. You’re going to see continual changes of intensity all around the planet.

There will be many changes with governments including your currency and your ways of dealing with money. Money has become a way of enslaving you and it’s not based on reality which has allowed the cabal to keep you stuck and enslave with scarcity consciousness. Many of you are revibrating within your fields of awareness and seeing things much more in-depth. You have awareness of animals and that all life-forms are expanding with a sense of unity and respect. Congratulations to all of you that you have been through your changing and growth. It will indeed be rewarded with your next venture in the Cosmos.


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