You will know them, for they are different and walkers. Awake in the night by the power of dreams, unchained and aware of the power of the Universe and its depths. For they’re of the soul connection. They’re lovers of animals and are in communication with them, they see them in their consciousness for they’re of the same speak. Dwellers in two worlds and non-bound to the planes of the structure that is controlled by the elite, in them is the power of the spirit, free are they and journeyers with vast vision.

They’re friends with the spirit world and Earth. Quick they are to sleep early and wake up early in sync to the rhythms of the orb of the spirit world. Many they meet, and great things are taught. You will know them for they cling not to the matter of this world, but do their passing of time amongst you. Your souls crave this knowing but instead you’re now being trapped into the sights and sounds of artificially staged programs that further your entrapment into the Matrix.

When you’re ready to evolve into your power you must know and remember the way of dreams and the spirits that are all around you, for you’re not divided but have suffered amnesia of the world of death, materialism and fear, all controlled to limit you. Seek the path to enhance your dreaming states and learn to travel awake in the flight of the soul when you rest, to become alive again into the ageless wonders that is your right as a sentient being.

You must find the medicine of the plants that can help you in your dreams if you have forgotten. That is why they are here for you. And in the garden, you will be naked again and free from the clothes of society’s enslavements. For the power of the soul is only limited by the ability to imagine and to have visions of the worlds beyond.


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