The being that you are has many emotional states. Many layers encompass what you feel in your present moment. Emotions that have been radiated or suppressed are memory forms in your psyche. Sometimes you turn into a different state and part of your shadow comes out. Before you judge something is negative you might understand it from a point of pain and rejection. The unvoiced child is a fragment of your emotional place that has been isolated and not allowed to be.

If there has been a lot of disruption in your earlier formative years, not only will you take what was given to you at your home side but also children and people around you respond as your self-image in memory unconsciously. Many people have ancient triggers, sensitive spots that react what you may have touched and you will get an immediate response that’s quite negative. The same as within yourself, sometimes things come up that are venting and you need to watch them.

Understand that these are all part of the complicated seasons of your being. Just know there are things and actions around you that are making things happen which are far beyond just your human mind. In other words, if you follow the path of the spirit your spirit will take care of you and things will fall into place. Some people go off the rails because of substance abuse, whether it be alcohol, drugs or medications, and this, unfortunately, throws a wrench in the process of your soul working with your body and mind.

Sooner or later everything you feel will become part of your awareness, so it’s best to do your homework and work layer upon layer within yourself because ultimately you can’t hide your feelings. It is also imperative for you to give your body and your mind the creative time of recreation and pleasant things and emotional support and happiness. If you learn meditation and feel these things and become aware of them and embrace them, you’re collecting very fundamental particles of yourself and these are particles of feelings or your consciousness that has been fragmented.

So when you’re practicing meditation do encompass feeling and learn to visualize great things within yourself of joy, light, and radiance from within. In doing so you will do a great healing and service to yourself and others. Ultimately, what you create needs to be in a good vibration or it will haunt you with negative or isolated feelings.


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