Life is your journey and experience and will always be your creation. You have 7 doors to your being while dwelling in the house of your body. Hidden deep are the repartee of your deepest secrets. All that you have obtained in knowledge and in fear is hidden deep within your inner house of consciousness. For who you have bonded in your company and whom you have connected with sexually will have lasting imprints as you’re forming your social structures about yourself. When you make sexual bonds with people it is not just the physical but the downloading of feelings, energies and perceptions from their resonate patterns you have invited.

Choose wisely in your company of friends and your lovers. Your first gate is your ability to function and survive in the world. It is primal and you should learn this with the company of yourself and nature. You must learn to earn the appropriate ways of money or exchange as it is within your society. Be mindful of your value, you must tend to business. Be ever vigilant with the knowing that there are takers and manipulators that know this arena so well and will have no quarrels with stealing from you if you’re naïve. Here you must find your power to be free with your own mojo.

Sexual energies are compelling and they can pull you each and every way with their fire and splendor. Be careful, this is a very creative fire and can bind deep the connections you make with others. For now, you have invited them into your house and their temperament will mark you forever until you cut these bonds with deep astral work. Your solar plexus is what you give in your creative juices and social wagers and this is the gate of your self-opinion. For as you’re in power achieving freedom and clarity in the former two so now you state your presence in the forms of energy you imbue, take in and respond to people in social dexterity. If you have insecurity about yourself it will be seen here.

So find the fears that compel your actions to cover up old patterns. This is to be replaced with your power to decide what it is you really want and how to manifest it. Difficult it is if your 1st and 2nd door has rouge energies. So clear them and get in touch. As we move into the heart centre it is of nature to love and to feel and share what it is you are. This centre should work without effort and HUE will radiate this majestic space of your being when it is not in the pattern of your lower disruption causing limits by fear and unfinished business you’re still in debt to.

The voice is the power of speak. This gateway speaks your heart, your fears and your wisdom. What food do you take in the purity of this vital doorway that controls your energy and your expression voiced from within? What do your eyes see and what is seen behind the veil? Can you use this 3rd eye or is it calcified and inactive? The door below this level must be used wisely to obtain the value of this wondrous tool of sight. For when it is open you will see all the work you need to do in the other sectors of your gateways, it is the orb of light that comes to you to feel and connects you to the earth and the Universe.

Here you can connect with the voice of your oversoul when you have mastered the keeping of the other gates. It is time to know yourself in each of your entries and exchanges with the world. For if you do not maintain good keeping of your rooms and houses you will not be able to escape the lower realms you’re in. Great is the world when you have mastered yourself. Start your cleansing by cleaning house.


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