The limits to your potential are squarely between your ears. You see, it is the mind that is the limiter or the accelerator. When the mind is not focused on useful activity and study and in action with habits that are patterned with success, then there is the element of doubt. Doubt is a concept of the mind. Action that manifests things lies in the realms of probability. As you tune yourself up to higher frequencies and cleanse your body you put yourself in a flow of action based on direction with a plan and then doubt is not an option. It is no different in life when you create blueprints and you imagine things in the mind knowing what it is you want. This is the formula of a successful life.

If you have doubt then that comes from a place of lack of planning with poor habits and self-image, all of which can be corrected by action. Whatever you produce as energy in your mind with focus you’re calling to yourself what it is you’re focusing on. By that standing, if you’re focusing on non-achievement then you’re creating a recipe for failure which will be manifested into reality. Think of it as probabilities, the more you pattern your life in the flow of what is it you want by making the encounters and setting up the dynamics of what it is you’re focusing on then you will manifest. Doubt equates to a state of untempered will, poor habits and laziness.

Magic is the ability to summon what it is in your mind and call it forth. Self-limitation is a form of magic that is destructive. For it is all in your head when you learn the power of focus, action, emotional passion and excising of will. Then your frequencies will make things happen at a much higher rate because the exchange with the mind, emotion and astral planes are quickened to your emotional resonate patterns. All of which begins with seeds of desire, focus, and what you feel you deserve. Remember, you’re creators and you create your power and your ability to affect things by the victories you have and the balance you have in focusing your life.

Being centered with a quiet mind to your soul is ever so important to make the distinguishment of what your soul wants and the noise in the mind. The noise in the mind are riddles of self-antagonistic pains and doubts fuelled by the negative influences of those around you, and once that has eroded into you it takes a great deal of energy to uproot the negative patterns in the mind which creates the space for doubts to occur. Whatever you do in action and focus reinforces the energy into your life. Self-sabotage embraces the hand of doubt.


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