The legends of Atlantis will not be forgotten. There are major Earth changes and a quickening. The Earth is going to be reset into the frequency modulation that encourages the thriving of spiritual evolution and your hidden powers. A reset is happening and this will be the Golden Age after the cleanse. Be mindful, many of you are from this time and your souls know of Atlantis and the once greatness that man was able to achieve with technology, philosophy and the understanding of the Universe and its principles.

This monumental change would have been more in sync with your current technologies and states of awareness except for the interference of the Illuminati and the corrupted keepers of the world. Their days are numbered for the Ancient of Days have returned and are opening up the vaults and a great influx of energies are infiltrating your planet, minds, and psyche. This information and knowing can no longer be suppressed. There is going to be a change of the electromagnetic frequencies on the planet.

Many are being tested and prepared in what seems to be painful and trivial experiences in your life, all of which is to see what your intentions are. For the gifting of great knowledge will be given to many of you and your powers restored but they must be love based and not with selfish and destructive intentions, hence the testing. When the great powers of the astral are opened up great things can be manifested at once, but if you’re not mature to handle these powers it will be devastating to you and those around you.

Many of you have already ascended and are great Masters, you have just been going through amnesia. This is not religious nor is it about worshipping gods, it is about reclaiming your power and freeing your souls from the centuries of bondage you have been kept in. Technologies will be returning and remembered which will be right out of a Sci-Fi book. Much will be returned to your knowing. The quickening of your spirit body is of most importance.

The body of the flesh that you’re trapped in may not be the unit you will using when the change occurs. You may have transformed into a body of light, not needing the physical plane. Great ships and starfaring vehicles will start showing themselves very soon en masse. The family of your Elders is returning and you need to remember that you’re more than you’re programmed to believe by the govern mentals.

Many of hue that walks of higher frequencies have been contacted by us, blatantly in some incidences, but we are working with you in dreams and many have been sleeping deeply. You have been travelling and we are processing you through the dream state. Your world is at a point of significant change, rebooting and recalibration. Many will make a transition from their physical form, many will stay and some will be taken.

You cannot pretend to be enlightened, you are or you’re not. This comes with the knowing and the genuine love for all things. The wise ones know, for they cling not to material things and are mature enough to handle their duties. For those of the light have a calling from above and a genuine caring about people.


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