The force of your feelings and being is like a breath, they must come in and out. You must expand and reach to propel and withdraw. You must have a right to express who you are. You must have the right to listen, the right to love and to hate, you must have the right to fight and to voice and defend your space and your inner being, all of which must not take another life. It is the suppression of these elements that you have wars and collective pressures because they have been stuffed and not allowed to voice what they are, for they have been concealed into beliefs and into religion and political parties taking speech away for further self-expression.

The primal scream must be allowed at the core when the soul is attacked and bothered by an oppressive being. Men need to fight and women need to fight, they need to argue. Where they lack is the balance, for in the anger and fighting there should be listening and love. It is when you’re suppressed with your identity you question what is natural about yourself and you get into a state of doubt. When you have powerful forces which are sexual and creative and you’re screaming to be held and hold, when you’re not allowed to speak your mind, then all that is oppressed comes out in severe imbalances.

Men are not competing and fighting whether in sports or hunting and as a result, they’re not in completion at the core and they’re looking for a channel to vent that primal need of the species. When women are not allowed to nurture and are told it is a weakness, then they react from what they need to do and that is to feel and vent their feelings. Here lies the crux of how you’re all being manipulated. So the energy outbreaks create wars, political judgments, racial and sexual judgments. The antidote is not to suppress speech and to face when you need to talk with reaction.

When a person does not have freedom of speech or gets angry in communication then society is gearing itself up for a civil war which is made at the cost of many lives, nature, and animals. Society is being infiltrated with subliminal messages that corrupt natural functions of your society and setting up religious wars so that society will have a civil war based on religion or on the haves and have nots based on politics and on scarcity for a product, food, and housing. Take heed for this is the agenda of the New World Order for depopulation with the corruption of mental capacities with the annihilation of people on the planet.

Technology has reached such a level that machines can replace everything you do, including your mind. Eventually, most humans will be removed from the planet or trapped into artificial intelligence interface units. The only way out of the downfall is for people to have communication groups and to vent their anger, instead of through riots en masse and with military arms and weapons. So rather than take care of issues that are going to be devastating the planet, the negligent leaders of the world without reason are destroying the Earth. They are not planning for the advancement of the civilisation of man but for their corrupted agendas.


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