Weathering the storm is to understand the principles and elements of the forces against you. It takes the cooperation of people to weather the storm and be skilled with the forces of nature. There are uncertainties and traumatic experiences happening in life. But when one has the wisdom to what to expect with the experience they know the warning signs with second nature and intuitive action for they don’t look at things as a threat but power in itself.

What creates conditions is not understanding what you’re dealing with or the principles, and the power it has over you in your reaction. This is what distinguishes people who can maintain calm with clarity when the obstacles come into their sphere of experience. Sometimes it is just a matter of grabbing the rudder, following your inner compass pulling in the sail and letting it out and working with the energy.

Everything is energy and will whither, pull or push you in your awareness. Harness unpredictability and be sufficient in everything that happens to you then you will not become victimised that everything you do is at a cost. Let no one tell you what to do when you know what will happen. Take your intuition as an indicator you don’t belong, put your fields up and don’t react because anything in your emotional reaction brings yourself into that turbulent water.

It is so important for you to know and gain your own intuition, not for a god but for your own survival and advancement. This is why you have the strong and weak, all are dealt the same cards! The knowledge is there. There is no excuse to not know because you’re at an important age, so take this before it becomes limited.


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