When you encounter the act of making love is it tantra yoga or taunting yoga? Taunting yoga is energy based on conceit and manipulation for gain and not love. This action is practiced by over-sexualized young testy women and hormonal reactive men. The result is deep connections scattered without love, powerful forces connecting and sometimes creating babies and deep cords between the two. Not something you do lightly, for the act of union is a sacred act. This is why people gain rejection and become jaded and feel used in this creative fire that they wish to share which is of nature itself.

Oh but the power of tantric yoga which is based on the currents of energy that works with the powers at the base of the spine. It is the opening of portals from the yin the receiver and the lingum or the sword which is the main energy principle of fire. The woman is a cooling reception and together there is a spiral energy of creative fire and great magic that happens in many dimensions. Oh, the wonderfulness of life and a new child and the union of two hearts sharing deeply. If one is aware they will see energies wishing to incarnate between these two for a life portal on the planet.

Wherever two people meet there is an exchange of information that happens on many levels. Be aware of the fundamental principles in the union of man and woman. When the lingam penetrates the rectum which is the illuminatory force of toxic waste, in the union the receiver gets energy blockages and the intruder downloads toxic energies from the person they are foolishly practicing an act not natural for creation. Although one may be an orifice, the energetic principles become very distorted and can lead to an abhorrence of mind, soul and heart. This downloads the corrupted fields in the energy bodies of both people.

The base of the spine is the root energy and receptive of the earth energies. This is a common practice in males of the same sex partners. It is not my point to be in negative judgment, it is just to be discussed on what is an energetic use for this can have serious repercussions and karmic cycles of those in this act. However, those who choose this activity are already stuck in low energy fields and may take lifetimes to heal. For when a man seeks a man in this manner he is turbulent in his identity.

It is my point to state the biological mechanisms, not to condemn but to state nature. Nature and the merging of bodies is a sacred act and deep connection, completing cords and assimilation of each in the unit of their information. Be mindful of who and what you download in the union of your bodies. For this is the fire principle of nature that can burn sparks of energy lifting you into a state of bliss or a two edge sword that keeps you stuck into slavery and desire that overrides equilibrium of heart, soul, and mind.

In conclusion, the act of sex is to light your soul. It is not to conduct activities for manipulation and or dominance which creates traumatic experiences of hurt, rejection, and pain.


Artist is unknown.

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