There is a great epic of change that is occurring right now on the planet. This is not a bad thing by any measure nor anything to be afraid of unless you hold to an illusion. The very DNA in your light bodies is triggering sequencing events that are allowing a different torsion field in the spiraling of your DNA matrix because of a photonic triggering as the earth is moving into the photon belt. As it moves into the photon belt incredible activation will happen. There is a new awakening. This is the age of Aquarius and it will last 2000 years.

Just as when Moses came he ushered in the completion of the Taurus making way for the dawn of the Piscean age. Now is the Aquarian age and with that, there is a whole genre of spirits that are coming in at this time. They are destined to incarnate with what this area has to offer but keep in mind that many lost and corrupted souls are also coming in, you cannot have one without the other. These souls are incarnated from other astral planes and other energy fields. Once again, keep in mind that this is a study and place for transmutation for karma, moreover a school ground that the soul gains wonders experiences.

I must caution you to understand that those without wisdom and clarity that have not gone through the changes to quicken the temperament of the emotional earthbound bodies will conduct imaginary leadership based on those who follow them, but not on the basis for service. A master acknowledges and does not want cling ons with those needing soul dependency. You are not a master if you need to control other people as sounding boards for your own misunderstandings and hopes that other people will do things for you. You as a master already know that.

The changes that are to occur is a complete dismantling of societies as you know them. It is unfortunate that your societies have not caught up with this great time to make an easy transition. The secret and power of the wisdom has been stolen and kept from mankind and this makes it very hard for us to teach the fundamentals of the Ancient of Days. What is important is to realise that the evolution is for your soul and not with the masses or with followings. Each and every one of you will go through a porthole, your light bodies are what they are through your belief systems.

You are a primordial light source or you are not. I will touch upon more information in the next teachings but for now, this is a good point to close.


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