There is a meltdown going on of radiation that ties a connection from physical matter with the linking of collective consciousness and fractal coherency. Most and all events on the planet and other places in your solar system are linked to the very minds, psyche, and perception. There was a meltdown and loss of containment field in the Daiichi Power Plants in Japan which was caused by the intervention of your world leaders consisting mainly of the Bilderberg group.

They systematically constructed a nuclear detonator off the coastal waters of Japan to bring Japan to its knees and to intentionally irradiate the people of Japan and destroy the Pacific Ocean. The Obama administration who was another puppet for the many levels of presidency buried this incident and said that there was nothing to be concerned about, and they established new criteria for acceptable dosages of radiation.

There was a quieting of the media controlled by the cabal of the degree and potential extinction of life in the Pacific Ocean and disastrous health effects of the people of the west coasts of America and surrounding areas. All of the nuclear monitoring systems in America have reported high levels that have now ventured down to the southern coast of the Americas.

Aquatic and marine life are dying in numbers with mutations that are washing up on the shores and none of this is being talked about as the real cause. On another note, great diversion and propaganda is being spent on making the youth delusional and supported in collectives against anyone with a voice and dynamic as triggering them by ‘hurting their feelings’.

Collectively you’re systematically being pulled by media manipulation to take your rights of free speech and identity. The youth is being infiltrated into your whole society to take it down. Meanwhile, what lurks is the capitalisation of the “accident” that can and will destroy the planet. They have already told you in the movies to prepare for zombies, viruses and diseases, all of which this radiation will be manifesting in the next few years.

So the work of the depopulation has already begun by the agendas of the New World Order.


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