So what is the essence of your being that makes you unique and individual? What makes you brilliant and aware and in the force of your potentiality? The answer is connection to feeling. Feeling is your sensory perception that comes from your mind, soul, and heart. The product of feeling goes beyond the mind and is quicker and attached to the neural nets of the body and is a sensory forcefield. The information from feeling is the quickest information level based on fact and reality. Therefore when this crucial fundamental element of your being is reprogrammed then you lose touch with yourself and your power.

As you smell you sense molecules, neurological stimulatory in your olfactory. When you taste there are elements of sweet, salty and bitter and to feel an object you feel its temperature. It is all a matter of sensual perception by impulses received and picked up by the many essences of your bodies. One must not be confused with emotions as feelings, for emotions are energy in motion. However when there is an imbalance to recognise a feeling level that is disturbed, you compensate with misinformation that has been corrupted in denial of what you’re feeling.

Your feelings at the core are your sensory perceptions and your interaction with everything, and this dynamic process has been corrupted and replaced with religious programming and self denial. This is why you have broken the connection with animals and do atrocities to others and not linked to nature. This is why you have disease in your bodies because feelings are neural pathways which transport the essence to the exterior and in a breath of such brings information back.

When this fundamental principle gets corrupted there is sickness of the mind and wrestling of behaviour at the core. There is a short circuit to the connection to what you know and feel and if there is incongruence there is a deadlock of energy flow. Getting things handled in life means extending your hand and taking hold and carrying out the deeds you feel and ought to be doing. It is the wise man who learns this principle and receives information. Learn of imbalances and listen to what is being transmitted in nature.

In essence, awareness is an unsuppressed feeling which correlates a sense of knowledge and vision.


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