For some there is the path of just existence, for others it is the path of experience and knowledge and learning to build strength of character.  If you come into life and have everything and you’re comfortable then you’re essentially on a recreative experience with minimal challenges and things will work very smoothly.  But to gain wisdom and strength, something that encodes information to the soul to teach you how to be a warrior, then your life may not be necessarily to gain knowledge. 

You have to go through experience and to fall down. You have to clear and get up again.  Learn to walk with the power the of the soul and have motivation, learn challenges and pick yourself up immediately and get your footing. This is karma.  Earth is a school and a prison world depending on what your soul’s density and spiritual maturity is. As you begin to get through a state of growth, opportunity will appear as well as the challenge of smoothing what is diametrically opposite which can cost you major losses. 

If you stay in your life as being virtually asleep in the matrix you pose no threat to making changes but your consciousness will be numbed and complacent.  But if you choose to be awakened you will find yourself at odds to those who are asleep.  Some people enjoy being in the illusion, but understand dear souls that your journey in life is for you and for the growth of your soul.  You may have companions in your life but the duty you have to your soul and consciousness is wondrous which is the benchmark of who you are. 

So keep in mind that the world is fantastic stay for the soul that can have inner vision and inner quest, but the remarkable warrior learns to manifest the dreams of the soul into the fantasy of this dimension.  It is in that processes with the limitations of the body mind that you have your core magnetism and the strength of the soul.  When you reach this connection you become empowered and with that protection and the power of dimensional insight will come to you. 

So you must determine if you want to achieve the evolution of your soul or not use the life of wisdom and self realisation.


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