The wheel is spinning and gravitating a field for each and every one of you and this is held true to your attention, mental attributes and actions. Greater velocity and spin are occurring. The more out of the balance you are the greater the wobble in your psyche. Many of you will have to make changes. As you spin faster and tru up the spoke of your issues you need to have your emotions protected so be around healthy people.

The mind may be spinning but when you’re out of balance you will have a truer vibration and gravity to excel. The more out of balance you are the greater your chaos. Everyone is dealing with the energy coming. The concept of time is changing to the quanta of the planet and your soul. If you’re running high energy do not be complacent because any uncertainties will give a lot of wobble in your balance and you will not hold the course with reason of insanity.

Many of you are making a Quantum leap into a new orb of consciousness and power. You recognised the presence of your cosmic energy to jump a new state of consciousness and state of being when your soul cord and level of vibration are in a state of flux. Only your soul knows what you have available for potential and growth. It is very important to hold what you know intuitively with your feelings and maintain your radiance for the transformation that is to occur for you and you alone.

You made it through the passage of the soul, the wormhole of your mother. You took the breath of life that is your experience and consciousness and no one else’s. In essence, there is a rebirth and transformation that shall take you to a similar mode and passage way. You have to let go of toxic people and make that transition. This will be an incredible knowing as a cosmic child wanting to be birthed into a new soul realm beyond this earth.


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