For many of you it is time to get up and awaken to embrace the new Sun and era. The time has come to leave the sandbox. You were trained and treated as children and livestock by the very oppressive overlords of government, banking, educational and religious clans that have been suppressing what it is in your true destiny and nature.  When you awaken and step into the higher states of being and knowing it will all make sense to you.

This will not come from the outer but from your inner connection to the streams and light fibre strings that unite you to your cosmic essence.  Truly this is a New Dawn. The great family of light evolved beings that have been at your fringes are now embracing many of you that maintained their truth, integrity and soul presence in a world that has reached the terminal stages of destruction. Poisoned is this great planet by disruptive and unbridled chaotic souls expressing meaningless existence. 

We are here to put an end to this corrupted realm and re establish order. You see it in your tales of meaningless drama and outright rebellion to nature. It is not just the programming of the Cabal. They want to take the whole world but their days are numbered. Hang on, we’re working with the ones that have maintained their light and soul vital connection. Great cleansing will occur.  The world must now break the waters and bare the child of the New Age and dispensation. 

Be careful for your religions have been created and used to control you and keep you side tracked from what is really set to occur.  Maintain your honour and your love and listen to the signs. Great shaking and purging will happen in all your lands. The skies will rain with many meteors striking and the weather will be turbulent with many hurricanes and tornadoes on the coastal and inland areas. Expect high winds and strong solar energy.  You must learn to live lightly and survive for the governments will not be able to nurse you when all societies become unrested by the changes.

This is a sign to let go of everything and to not feed fear into your psyches. This time has been known and is part of the great planetary cleansing.  Undress from the reality of your physical body and awaken to your light bodies and quicken. Many of you will begin to have your eyes open as to your real nature, not as children of the sandbox but as learned and awakened starseed, for that is what you are. Find your clan of the knowers for these are not the pious religious “saved” but the activated adults that are waking up from the childhood’s end.

This will be a great time of change, fear not but awaken.


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