Understand that the churches, leaders, and governments have agendas they have been working on for centuries. Now they have control of your mind, especially with the media. They are staging great events and turbulence around the world as a distraction, particularly in respect of other humans. The church Notre Dame was baked with high electromagnetic radiation. The way it combusted was a particle beam of high technology but the people from the church had time to remove belongings. There are parts of your government and beyond that have great technology and weaponry.

Nothing has stood still, they are working with very advanced technologies and extraterrestrials. The world has been controlled and dominated by aliens who have been studying you to rule and control you as a form of study. That is not what you’re designed to be here for. A few of you have been contacted and your minds are still in touch with the inner cosmos. You came here and incarnated your soul in a human body but you are warriors and masters from the other dimensions. It is now time to retrieve your dynamics and remember yourself as you are. Many are prepared and many are still in fear.

There will be many diseases and changes of deceptive holographic perceptions which will cater to religion, all programmed for their agenda but missing the real nature of what is to happen. Your soul and your connection to the spiritual life force is your saviour, not the people of the world and the misled that do not have a clue. As the earth falls into a great Winter it shall also awaken into a great Spring of new energies. So hold on through the storms and do what you can not to participate in their programming.

To those that have quickened to the maturity of the soul the best thing you can do right now is to make peace with yourself and learn to listen within for answers, and not from the computer screen which is controlled by forces who want to enslave your very soul. For it is your belief system which creates your evolution and advancement or your limitation, it is up to you. There are laws and principles that are dynamic to the Universe and if you violate these laws there will be consequences. Take time to study everything you can of the ancient knowledge of the world for you will find your soul family, the clan of your soul.

So make yourself worthy and grow up and inward, it will be a very interesting few years ahead. Be careful in what you participate into your with reaction because people can be like dominoes that throw you off course. This has nothing to do with believing in god and saviours. It is about knowing the soul and the connection to light and nature through your very eyes and this is expressed through love and wisdom. No one has an exclusive right to the kingdom of heaven or hell, these are just the framework of your religious enslavement for everything is based on frequencies and modulation.

A light bulb with no voltage has no light, so until you ignite your spiritual presence you will be dim. The more you quicken to the light and forcefield that is your protection you become a mature citizen of the Universe. A great heart is at the doorstep which goes beyond the body. You can ask but if you want things to happen you have to be the action, dynamo, and spark of the brilliance of your soul. A great separation will occur where the wise will become wiser and the foolish will be trapped by religions, all to control you to make you a slave.

All you take with you is integrity, wisdom, and knowledge. Make that the currency of your soul that you have found the value of your light, life, and purpose.



  1. May the truth of these words which is now seen & felt on this planet give me the wisdom & guidance through all the consequences of what lies in store for our future here on this planet. May I be given the strength to combat the fear to be in full authority of all that needs to be.


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