Value begins with your self acceptance and your currency of opinion to yourself and others.  When you meet someone and you exchange your energies and you connect always think of what you’re investing in.  For the time you have in life has so many hours and so much time and it is the minutes that you spend with people that you invest in yourself to your age and expansion and quality of spiritual and physical life, or takes it away. 

Read the fine print before you sign contracts with people.  Read how they feel.  Always keep the hand on the pulse of people you exchange energies with for it quantifies who you are.  Understand there is so much you want to invest so don’t give people blank cheques and your won’t have the takers.  Balance the bank account of your soul and spiritual values.  There are people who give you dividends of positive energy and there are people who are negative who take your energy, some call them vampires. 

If you ask where you are in your bank account of spiritual awareness, look at the bank of people and you.  When you begin to hang around positive people you have positive assets.  When you spend time in idleness that is a poor investment of your time.  For some, political and religious views are difficult areas because they take their programming for gospel.  So do not discuss religion and politics with someone who has made up their mind for that is a poor investment. 

An open mind and heart in the exchange of love and information is a good investment.  So wrestling with someone who does not keep their mind open to other views and opinions is a poor investments because they’re saved by fake promises, none of which works with the karmic destiny of your life and your spiritual responsibility. 

Invest in your soul and use your time wisely.

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