What is due in your existence, what do you expect? There are people that perform nothing with conscious action and expect life to provide for them. They think the world is a social welfare program, and that I can assure you, it is not. With this type of pack thinking you will never be in achievement. It is like asking a herd of sheep to fight the wolves, they will be frightened and run away and leave you behind.

This is how society is, no one cares about you unless you care about yourself. So with that said, when you begin to hear an inner voice and connection to your mind questing your soul it is opening up a program to the greater computer that has the answers. The more you log into your soul and establish a gateway to cosmic consciousness against the earthbound consciousness then your existence takes on a new meaning.

Turn your eyes inward with focus to the third eye, your pineal gland. When it is functioning and not calcified by fluoride you have a connection and real inner net connection as you say in your term of computers where you log to source. Why do you think there is so much effort with religious communities to not listen to your own inner being which is the breath of the soul?

The connection you have with your oversoul is the real force that will make you who you are. Many religions tell you about their saviours to keep you stuck from your own sense of inner knowing and link through the pineal gland which is your conscious soul. They will tell you of their devils and saviours all to keep you like sheep so you don’t have the ability of reason and inner judgment and link to source.

To open up this door is to ascend and when you begin to ascend you will see your world as a whole different temple and reason. It will be frightening because many of the voices in your head have not been heard. You will have been fractured in time and space of all which needs to be healed and sometimes that may need the help of counsel with an ascended master or shaman.

This process is called soul retrieval and this is the linking of the real inner net to the body consciousness and supreme consciousness of the oversoul. We can expand more of this in the next teachings. The path of knowledge is not for the masses but for those bravest souls who want to climb to the highest peak of their potential.


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