You must understand that as a spiritually awakened person you can deal with those that are asleep in consciousness by positive reinforcement and controlled reaction of negative responses to override the basic functions that are primal disruptions.  How can I tell you that most people are not aware from day to day as to whatever pattern is conditioned to them by the media or social context.

The new millennia are strictly animals of the herd who are so programmed by their computers and primitive perceptions by the New World Order to control you all as herds and chattel.  Be careful not to react, take time and learn to pull away and take a deep breath because oftentimes people are being manipulated by the djinn of the astral plane and are not even aware.

To those who are awakening in consciousness you must understand that the hand of the djinn are using people like pawns to checkmate and disrupt the positive forces you intend to bring.  They will take over those of the lower vibrations and the energies working through them.

Become conscious of the higher frequencies. When you’re ready to make a quantum leap with your spiritual ascension there will be a whole montage of circumstances and events, smokescreens, and distractions to hinder your growth because you pose a threat to the matrix.  This is ever more prevalent in social media where you’re all being spied upon with internet communication.

You’re being rounded up and quarantined if you represent any interference to the New World Order and the beings ruling this world.  Do understand workers of light, we are working with you so that you can remember who you are and why you came here.  Know this is not because you call yourself a light worker, you know you are. 

You have had contact growing up and in dreams and seen us in physical form as light energy.  True genuine light workers have wisdom and consciousness that is innate and they are not busy running around looking for props or followers to make them who they are.  They have come with a message and they already have the power. 


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