What is meant to be in your DNA memory stick will manifest its programme in the biological form of your bodies. You have chosen your mother and father, and each of their experiences and potentialities is the gateway for your potentiality in a physical form. The world is going through a quantum leap and many lightworkers are incarnating and don’t have to go through a loss of memory and power and are going to be activated with their inner dimensional powers. Many of you are going to activate your higher states of being that you had in your previous lives with insights and memories of ancient history and knowledge which is non-linear and goes to the future and the past.

There are cosmic energies and synchronicity to planets and the Sun’s position in the cosmic null zone or fog that the scientists acknowledge will have great effects on the germination of your souls’ quanta to manifest while you’re in this dimension. So many of you are miraculously completing cycles with people of feared actions and dramas, for these people are coming into your life because they are allowing a transmutation of your karmic debt. So the key is to learn your lesson and be a warrior and complete your cycles with these people because many of you keep coming back with connections, and some with ancient history keep connecting because you have a karmic debt.

This time is ending with the Age of Aquarius and nothing will stop the cosmic events which are assisting the earth, the inner core, and your DNA. Great energy is blasting the planet because this is a time for ascension and metamorphic change, go within yourself. Follow your instincts, follow your heart, follow your path and sometimes this may mean letting go of old habits and people who keep you stuck. All of your energy quanta is very visible to the workers of light and the keepers of this dimension. Think of it as a showroom of fine cars or a junkyard of decrepit vehicles. That is how you look to the beings of the higher dimension.

Be to the centre and out of linear time. To understand the Universe you must look within for the answers. The whole earth and the solar system are about to make a shift in vibrational changes. It is the eruptions of volcanoes and the shifting of the north and south magnetic belts and are having multiple angles of magnetic pulses. Since the water molecules in the atmosphere align with particles there are very dramatic storms and rains of the seasons that will be a sign of the rapid change that is happening. Moreover, this is happening in your very DNA structure and psyches for there is no separation of mass and energy quantum. You’re meant to be what you are and that you will be. The density of your ignorance will manifest or the ascension of your being at this time.

A seed cord is an energy packet of quanta that is the essence of your soul fabricating the weaving of life force into the body and the personality you call yourself.


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