It is time to quicken those that are on the real path of enlightenment and service to mankind. Put away your trinkets and quicken your mind. Stop fumbling with your appearances to show yourself to the world and begin to radiate the guidance of your oversoul as a knower accepting the space of who you are as an enlightened being. Get out of the need for followers and polish yourself so your brilliance can come through and you can be a guiding light.

Then by example, you will become an icon for people to be attracted to you because your vibrations are clear and your intention was real. Stop wearing the outer costumes but be the king and queen of the inner radiance and soul. Be of service to mankind from the heart and from the soul. Get beyond the addiction of quantifying yourself by followers that are not taking time to build their own inner strength but are looking for someone else to walk their talk and be their life.

A true master is always seeking union with the divine presence the spirit of nature and the radiance of the Sun to its very presence. There is always an unmistakeable calmness in an enlightenment person and a sense of non-attachment to trivia. The trinkets and the icons that you hold on to are but mere garments, for the master has ascended from illusion and is a guidepost like a lamp radiating the power of its soul to bring light to this dimension.

This comes from their hands, eyes and auric field and is unmistakably pure and powerful based on inner contentment and union with the divine source with a love for all things. The being has direction and removes him or herself from destitute, imbalanced drug energies and neurotic and insane people but is always there to lend a hand to a kindred soul standing straight again on their own two feet.

But those that fall sometimes need to continue to fall until they’re through with the pain and suffering so that the only available pathway is for them to ascend. Just remember, to be a master means to master yourself and your heart and to be a vessel that collects the light of the cosmic Universe and is filled with that light.


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