And as the old adage goes, so it is with life nothing ventured nothing gained. As with all things you need to break out of the womb and take a deep breath and learn the environment and what you are to it. The trick is to keep the state of pure knowing that is the viewing from the soul without the entanglements of the web of this world where you forget that you’re conscious and knowing. You have two eyes for seeing and two ears for hearing. You have a brain for thinking and a heart for feeling and you have free will and a sense of knowing. 

So why on Earth do you need to ask what it is that you are? Have you lost your sense? Yes you have, because your creature has needs to survive. Sometimes you betray what you are to yourself in order to fit in. The point of this discourse is to understand that too many times people train themselves to be dependent on what they are told is real and stop listening to what they know is appropriate. In the mix of this becomes bad habits of limiting context of your inner information. Power is knowledge and is it your own personal power that you ultimately need.

So why is it you turn yourselves into dependent herds of thoughts that are collectives of limitations and confusion to your state of know? Precisely this is why the epoch time of the great philosophers where people questioned their very existence and growth of the soul has been replaced by belief systems of service and worship of gods and saviours, with the belligerent shaming and fear mongering of the after life state.

Until you break out of this media and social toxic illusion of dependence to great saints to rescue you from your sins you will never reconnect to your real nature that is already connected to the cosmos. Return to being the agent of your reality to your inner quest and communication to nature and animals with respect. Realign your hearts to the magic of life for the growth and experience of the soul.


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