You are wrong when you say your voices need to be heard, you had that opportunity when you were children crying for your basic necessities of life.  When you learn to walk you must use your own feet and you must learn to crawl, walk, and fall from an early age. 

These are the fundamental experiences of evolution and the soul and nature of that person. It is inner self discovery that you become self-sufficient and nature provides rewards of pleasure and pain but it should be the innate drive of that individual to want to adapt to society being functional. 

When you were young you cried that you needed feeding.  The new paradigm is that people want to hold on to things all their lives and they hold on to realities. You have a collection of human beings that have not learned the test of life at an early age resulting in a cry baby in adulthood. 

The brainwashing of the New World Order is training you to doubt your own gender and who you are and to be group conscious and not stand on your own two feet, giving names like bi polar and manic depressive. They will prescribe drugs so your brain functions pull you out of balance of nature reward systems. 

This is what has happened to society, it has become plagued with cry babies who are demanding unrealistic perceptions of life and reality without earning it, without learning their own voice at the moment, and without learning to negotiate. They are being brainwashed to a collective of disruptive social warriors because it may trigger some people. 

If this is not corrected, society as a whole will be corrupted and easily controlled by the pharmaceutical and governments. The new paradigm is the reinforcement of children that never fell and had their hands held in the dreams of others and the pack of collective programming of the New World Order. 


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