If you seek to become too individual you will find that the opposite occurs because what you’re doing to be different are actually making you more conformed.  You’re all social creatures and scripted.  Identification is your outlet, your source that you download by retraction or repulsion, it is all the same. In contrary there are polarities that are the principles to the dynamic polarities, to think otherwise is corrupted and ignorant.

There are those that are lost for gender identification, for example a woman that hates men and ends up looking like a man, acting like a man, and speaking like a man, and the man that hates woman or finds woman unpleasant has a fractured male identity and seeks the feminine quality to become a woman, though he hates woman. 

You’re all travellers and souls, this is granted but there are fundamental DNA principles in your genetic coding that are like radio waves of matrixing and it is what pulls in the frequencies of your social, mental and environmental experiences.  But the question is, why do you choose to corrupt your containers with toxic thinking and ignorant behaviour that is diametrically opposed to the blueprint of your very bodies?  

You’re not creators that fabricate bio-force and DNA materials as of yet although many of your governments are tampering with those codes types. But the real issue here is a desperate cry of identification to be something or somebody, that you’re not giving to yourself or your soul and the weak and turbulent ones must have reinforcement like a group of cry-babies in kindergarten completing with each other for he or she who lets out the loudest scream. 

Nature has functions, rules and codes of ethics with which work directly with consciousness, awareness, and responsibility of your soul to form and know.  If you gain information about who you are then in your boredom you will not spend so much time in your distorted views to gain attention for your dramas that are deranged and out of sync with cosmic law.  Just as you have a left foot you have a right foot, and right and left hand, you’re bipedal and polarised. 

Polarisation, whether it north or south poles or electromagnetic polarities have charges that are induced. Just remember, everything is frequency and society is being inoculated by degenerate habits and enticements that do not work with the magic of sexual energy, for sexual energy creates the whole ladder of chromosome exchange. 

Heed not attention to these disruptive entities plaguing your society, for in your heart, bodies, and minds you know what is in balance and what is correct.  When societies become bored and unaware of the polarities that would normally be in balance in the flow of love they become systematically sick and will fall. 


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