Atlantis was an epiphany for many of the souls in this dimension that has reached great heights of awareness in spiritual dimensional knowing. Great scientific accomplishments, arts, and philosophy that are gateways to the Universe were opened, and many of you would look at yourself as Gods if you had those powers back. The world had achieved great expansion until it lost sight in its scientific experiments with the weaving of DNA receptors that run the very presence of the Universe through its circuitry.

The primordial guidelines became sadistic and vicious. Then there was an abomination to those conscious forms entrapped in biological dungeons and bodies, and the cruelty to the consciousness within sounded a cry to the higher realms. The beings of prime source had no other choice but to take the knowledge and the toys away from the Atlantean. At the same time the Atlantean’s moral nature was unbalanced while running great access to the inner dimensional and physical realms and it was decided by the higher counsels to strip these beings of the gifts they were not ready for, and to make them aware of what it is they created in the suffering of other entities.

So the fall of this great civilisation occurred with disastrous events from the cosmos. The memories of Atlantis are just memories but the souls of those that lived are returning to the Earth, learning embodiment after embodiment of how to undo the creations of their ignorance and karmic debt by learning compassion through suffering, love through action, and consciousness through will, while others learn to sink deeper as is currently happening on your planet.

There will be an opportunity in duality for very advanced civilisations and consciousness. For those souls that have passed the test, they will be reunited with wisdom, insight, and powers they once had with the guidance of the higher starseed managing this sector, many of which are with the Blue Avian and Ra. At this time vile ignorance, war, and injustice to mankind and complete rebellion, sexual distortions, and rebellion of every shape and form of corrupted potential and nature will be manifested as a duality and a polarisation which is currently happening.

At this time the planet will make many changes. The planet will evolve and be resorted to its original quanta of the great times of Atlantis. The distorted will become strong and the Enlightened will be lightened with the paths of their inner soul journey and the dimensions of the world. The planet will go through a great cleansing with weather changes, earthquakes, volcanos, and plagues, all of which impact the psyche of all realms. This is nothing to do with religion or punishment of the gods but the reappearance of the Atlantean, Sumerian, and Mu.

Think of it as a great time for the entities and souls to decide where they want to be. When things get cataclysmic the control of the false governments will fall and the stacking of consciousness will take its side. The higher beings will harvest those of the light and the disrupted and chaotic will experience pains, passions, and traumas for their just deeds and be reshuffled into the lower realms.


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