Knowledge is power, and the play on words is how sow? What you project is what you sow. You have only a limited time of potentiality of a body and mind and the things you gain in this world you cannot take with you, only the gems of wisdom and knowledge of this planet, and also the harvest of the soul. Knowledge gives you the ability to see with foresight and understand how the game is played, and this goes a great way in the legal system and the maintenances of your body with you realising the hidden secret knowledge they tell you are dark and of the occult.

Those with the vision of the higher realms to see and know do not want you to have these powers as the administers of the wild healing powers of nature. Many of you have aligned with the connection in your DNA and this was spoken of in the ancient texts. It is very convenient for you to stay ignorant of no karmic debt when you do wrong to others. I can assure you that everything you do runs a balance and you have to pay with interest which nags at the soul. Can you not see what is going on with the new millennia? For the most part, they are the most ignorant bio-linked drones who have their minds programmed for the lustre of their consciousness.

Your soul knows what is not correct and torn out of these programmes, like the distorted sexual behaviours and the fundamental duality of man and women, and with the great sweep of the phrase conspiracy theory gets you to throw the baby out with the water. You do not understand that your neuro nets are being genetically programmed so you can have implants like cyborgs. The stimulus is being hijacked with very sophisticated electromagnetic frequencies with you being programmed into artificial intelligence.

You cannot be in the company of others without them staring at their phones which is subliminally reprogramming them. Have you noticed when you type words they are already being said to stop you from thinking? Cars are being set up so they can be driven themselves. You are being set up as batteries of the matrix through social coherence. If this is not curtailed there will be adolescent adults with no backbone or awareness. The agenda is to take your ability to fight from you with words to manipulate you. Be aware, there are psychologists way beyond your knowledge that know of human nature who are procreating biological implants.

This is why they are making the brain set up for conductive frequencies of photonic stimulation for artificial intelligence.


Artist Mehau Kulyk

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