Be careful because the world is on meltdown. The time is now for you to find who you are, being careful of the mirrors that pop up that are the inner dimensions of other people projecting the things you need to let go of. You will find no logic and will go deeper down a rabbit hole of issues by people that are being spun. Many of you will run into people that are reactive and you will not find the answer and the more you go into their space you will find people that are hypnotised by their own rationality because they are not from your clan and not from your space.

Be careful because there are a lot of reactionary souls coming into your space like moths to light. The light that is coming to you is disturbing them and yet they want it, but in order to find it, they will have to release anxieties because you are lighting up the presence of those of the higher realms. If you are not running into people who are positive you will run into judgmental people, all of which is bringing you into a realm of questioning. When you know who you are you don’t question. Most people who are lost are stuck and reactionary. They are in fear which is affecting their ground level like a trembling earth.

Be aware these people are unstable and if you are trapped into the matrix they will lie and attack you because they don’t know how to deal with your presence. Many of you are coming into the powers of your own and there are forces that will stop you because you pose a threat to the matrix. Take heed in your efforts to challenge, because the more you find reality the more you will find there is no reality. They cling onto everything they can and if you obstruct what is secure to them they will be reactionary. The currents of the minds of man and the world are quickening to make changes and you are part of the viewers of the world.

In order to make changes, you must change your views and you need to be truthful of who and what you are without questioning the lost ones. Be careful, they will be coming out of the woodwork and they are unstable and you must stay away from them. They are plagued with the lower frequencies. They are your teachers because they are the past scripts you need to let go. They want you confused because that does not make you strong and will try to take you with self-doubt at core levels. The teachings of the higher realms are not for the timid, but for those who are awakening and seeking the faith of their own.

You will all understand when you remember you are with higher beings and not with those in the caged world to do time. Be very careful because people will attack you if you are of the light and higher frequencies and not of this dimension. They have no understanding of where they need to be. The mirrors of distance that has been lost from your soul are now going to show you each fragment of work you need to do on yourself. If you have issues with family, the opportunity is to look to expansion and freedom. The release will come from your own psyche and many reflections of lost pieces which are not you.


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