The hardest thing that sane people respond to is the lack of logic by the insane.  One must look deeper at the soul’s deluge instead of conveniently calling a person insane, there are karmic densities that must be addressed.  It is the nature of man and his dynamic soul that has responsibility. The nature of your bodies is like a flash card and memory chip which is an operating individual personality you are working with.  This contains the memories of ancestors and the trials of all those that have lived which is the gift of information and experience that you choose to take upon yourself for both growth and karmic exchange. 

When you took the body you took on agreements and responsibility in exchange for lessons, development and the perfecting of your individualisation.  What you must overcome is not necessarily things of self but of the script that is in your DNA that you must look at as part of the test to understand human nature and your self.  Not everyones trials and tests are the same but every time you come into a body you must pick up where you left off which is the agreement of taking on a human experience.  So if you take a look at mental health it must include the karmic messages in the mind and that information must come to a point of balance.  

When you choose to grow and be dynamic you overcome and harness great potential no matter what your soul has been through.  When there is rebellion in situations there is a lack of logic in present time and understanding of who and what you are. You are working on chaotic behaviour that may be spread upon the future, past and present.  There are many sick people on the planet with their lessons at different levels and different stages.  Be aware because these people can be extremely disruptive in your life. When you are in their company they can knock you down from the potential and dynamic of what you are. 

One must learn that healing must be from within yourself.  Understand that people have their own tasks and scripts and it is not necessarily your job to heal some people because they are on their own path.  With life you are limited to a body and frequency.  When you walk in the realms of wanting to go deep with people be very cautious because many go deep into a toxification that could be detrimental to your personal well-being.  The greatest thing you can accomplish to your own inner light is an attenuation of balance to accomplish who you are supposed to be. 


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