I can assure you that those at the top command are not only getting the control of the Draconian and alien species running this world. We of the Galactic Federation Of Light have to intercede because the changes that are going to happen must happen. Your knowledge has been taken away and you have been brainwashed and misinformed. You are so concerned with your political arenas that you have no understanding of what is really going to happen and what is happening with weather conditions.

As I warned you several months ago, your Spring and Summer would be different and will have many anomalies.  Right now the media is pulling your attention into political dramas so that you do not see what is happening on the natural level.  I strongly recommend that you start stocking healthy canned foods and seeds because there is going to be a shortage of food like you haven’t experienced.  There will be mass rebellion and mass herds of hungry people like wild animals to survive that will stop at nothing. 

The elite have their underground bases and their stocks of higher technology beyond your imagination. There is a telescope in Arizona called Lucifer. An infrared camera which belongs to the elite church so they can monitor what is in the text they stolen from mankind. Mexico to south of Argentina are going to experience major changes with catastrophic influences on the crust and a rush of millions of people into North America.  It will be one thing to fend your neighbour who is wanting to steal from you, but when you have hungry violent and base people who steal there will be mass hysteria. 

When there are groups of people that are being controlled by very high powers they feed from mental fears, this energy is called loosh.  These are the energy forces expressed from your adrenal glands and they activate sparks in the auric field of the body which becomes a very powerful food for these entities to feed off.  This is why your planet has had war after war.  Most of you have seen enough that you don’t want wars. Donald Trump is not perfect but a worthy negotiator. The military industrial complex wants war and depopulation.  There has been a tremendous inoculation of two different belief groups with the Christians and Muslims, intentionally set to create civil wars. 

You must understand that the United States of America, Great Britain and all the European Union under the disguise of the UN encourages war.  Muslims and their intensive belief systems that do not work with western society will take the crusaders to a whole new level.  It was Rome that created Judaism, Muslim and Christian religion, all fundamentally a byproduct of religious beliefs at that time with the books of knowledge they stole from Alexandria.  I can only ask that Christians and Muslims recalibrate their minds because they’re being brainwashed like gears in a cog that are bought and paid for by the elite. 

Be aware of the deceivers, your planet is coming through the end of a cycle and the solar wardens of Ra the Ancient of Days are coming to free the souls that have passed their karmic debt to take them on to the higher dimensions.  The uglier will become uglier and those of light will vibrate to higher frequencies and will become translucent.  Many of the light will see appetites dwindling and will need to be in the sun to charge up your light body.  You are already in the throes of your body change but do not let this get to your head, your compass is your heart. Your gut feeling and your frequencies will be changing and amplified, you will be able to reach us for we are here. 

We activating your DNA with crystalline energy so that your blood will have liquid crystals flowing similar to haemoglobin and this will be your light body that breathes light. 


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