We of the Melchizedek Order are not of this unit of digit consciousness which is the trickery of the Elite imposters that have taken over the world with the knowledge stolen from your ancestry. The ancient Codes must be witnessed and passed by the mind and the eye of those that are of our order, and in the memory so shall you impart the way of the forms hidden now to be activated by the sequencing of time and the clocks of the Universe in the travels of this Earth. Until the codes are unlocked with the visions and inner knowledge of what you are, this will not be accessed by the ones assigned to awaken and to remember beyond the body of what you think you are, for this will all change.

What is to occur is an opening of the doorway that is of the past history of what the world once had before it became corrupted. The world has maintained this corruption by the false leaders of your Churches and governments including the manufactured alchemy of money, the false trade of the bankers. Many of you are going to awaken and you will know by the sequencing of events and the return of the real memories now activating in your oversoul that is beyond your personality, mind, and body. You know who you are and each and every one of the 144,000 units are going to activate with the opening of the keys of Enoch and the Star Gates that were assigned to you before you incarnated.

This is a special time to put aside your favourite blunders and false worldly icons. If you do not access the Codes that will be opened to you then this is not your fit for the powers to be returned to you. A great time of change is slated for the world in the next 3 years. What may seem like a sense of peace and comfort is only the calm before the storm. Great world events and celestial events shall occur. Many of our ships and vessels are now surrounding the solar system to usher in a higher consciousness that is meant to be. The celestial grid and the forms of triad triangles and the Merkabah vehicles will be coming to manifest. We are not of this confusion and pitiful disgrace of existence that your leaders have set into action and dominance, all soon to change.

They are corrupted and are now changing the very biological functions to confuse your young which we detest and they know of this. Many of your minds are not activated to the wavelengths because your pineal glands are corrupted. Until you have these key devices cleared by cleansing and your bodies resonate of higher light, then you will not access our wavelengths. Keep in mind your higher bodies must now align with this transformation of your physical. Many of you have been changing of recent and have been through great testing. It is not your earth brain that will be of this advancement and message but the spark of the chosen frequencies already encoded into your bodies.

Step back from what is going to happen, it has already been set into motion. Many of you have hearts of knowing and great love and fairness and have been in a state of lost meaning. You know who you are but have had no access to our presence as you have been asleep into the dominance of this illusionary world. Your body units will now activate and great will be your memories. It is of the time to recalibrate for we are going to work with you to bring this knowledge back online. This is not for everyone for these are accessing the doors that are of the higher order and powers. This is already what you know and not something you hope will occur.

You will come online and be the guides for many to help. Pay attention to the symbols for they will tell you much and trigger events in your consciousness. It is now time to open and to become aware with the knowledge we will instruct you with. Your action now is to hibernate and to transform with the energies to finish the activation and bring you into the awakening. This has nothing to do with your personality and earth body, this links to your oversoul and the access that is working from that depth that you will see within.

So, keep your vision, remember, and you will see. Dream not of the world of Earth and remember your assignment.


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