Those travelling here have signed up for many reasons to gain character and strength to the fundamental elements of consciousness by the power of will and desire with intention. To graduate from this world is of high scoring and honour. Your world is set up with both very high and very disruptive beings, it is also a very spiritual colony which is very complex and ancient. After the fall of Atlantis the world has become a penal colony for disturbed entities who bring their wondrous confusion and selfishness to inflict others so they learn this is not what they want. They are teachers in the process of their negative creations.

There has been a lot of allowance of the negative thresholds and empires as part of the programme but this is all soon to change because the Earth is going through a revolution in vibration. The ancient crystalline devices and the hidden knowledge of once advanced races are going to crack wide open and this is an opportunity for the transformations of many psyches on this planet. As you have your graduations from your studies many of you will be making ascensions. You have proven yourself as good candidates for higher evolutionary bodies and responsibilities because your core has been tested and you’re now worthy. You have come through your testing, a remarkable feat indeed.

With the current changes that are about to happen there has been interference with the dominance and conflicts of the elite and the factions of your governments and their agenda. There are over 60 different DNA starseeds on Earth that are in makeup in your body forms in a dormant state. This allows the soul of those seedlings to have a connection in the human form that works in this matrix and this is part of the Federation Of Planets that have been monitoring your planet for the last 100 000 years. Many changes are now to occur especially with the energetic quantum that your solar system is coming into.

Energetic consciousness is photon energy and is experienced in many dimensions with how you feel. This gridwork will be recalibrated and set back on clarity by the masters of light and advanced beings. There is going to be great house cleansing and an opportunity for many to align with light bodies and higher realities beyond their base human form, for you have come to a quickening and awareness and are now ready for a quantum leap and ascension. Many of you are being systematically unified with artificial intelligence and are becoming a demanded consciousness into great machinery of artifical intelligence and the agenda.

The ones of the starseeds that have quickened are ready for the return and consciousness to activate higher intention and have a functioning pineal gland to stimulate their light bodies. A light body is a crystalline based life force of blood that works on photon and higher frequencies of energy to sustain the unit. This is what we term the Merkabar. These bodies are real and these are what the ascended masters to your understanding have, for they have ascended your dust worlds. Our technology works by thought and spiritual consciousness and is unified collectively and singularly at the speed of thought.

Many will become enslaved by mass media, fear and digit control by the banking system of the alchemists that create gold out of paper that has ruled and dominated your banking industry. They have kept you prisoners of ignorance but they cannot control an awakened mind and one with inner vision because you’re connected to the inner dimensional gridwork of light. We are sending light activation codes through your Sun and the inner dimensional fibres that connect every living thing. Take these next three weeks to drink of these energies and a great opportunity to heal many of your abhorrent behaviour and inflictions.

Heal for yourself so that you can activate your higher dimensional light bodies. This is a time for you to be clearing because the vibrations will be very intense and if you’re not aligned and centered you will be distressed. You will see disturbing entities that have no bearing or purpose but are only consumers and restless souls. Think of it like a porthole that you must link and connect with. Each and every one of you will be given permission to download information that you need for your soul’s reconnection and dynamic evolution based on what you’re ready for.

There will be encoded messages working in your psyches and thought forms that will trigger patterns of change and activation within. All in preparation for greater downloads of light force energy and light that will disrupt many of you if you’re not centred. It will magnify what is in your state of mind and heart as a collective. It is now time for your cosmic alignment.


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