There is a great time of sequencing with the clocks of the Earth and the surrounding planets in your sector and these are all alive and sentient. Someday many of you will remember when you reconnect to your higher states of being. Instead of the growth and the knowing which is the purpose of life, you have been sedated by body connection and a deadened sense of awareness and are missing the point of your very existence. For many, you are just cogs of image holders enslaved by the few that brainwash and deceive with their religions, sciences, and governments.

But you must remember that there are many bandwidths simultaneously existing based on the frequency and collective sentient beings. We are here in great numbers and have always been guarding the planet and the seeds of our starseed that come in and out of this realm to gain character and strength on pure will and must learn to be warriors. When they return to their greater selves with knowledge they become very strong seasoned leaders in our domains for they have built a firm sense of character to maintain their integrity and this is well noted.

The imprint of the soul and the nature of each and every one of HUE is light and frequency of deeds, time, and travel in your incarnations here. Some pass with wonderful embellishments of understanding and wisdom in one darkest realm of confusion and separation of your higher selves. A great time is ahead as your earth and collective are going through a great state of change, and much of what you know will have to be adjusted. Many will be upgraded and awakened to a state of change that will give you a better insight as to what you really are as a spiritual being housed in a physical downgraded body form of temporary limit, but you are more.

As the frequencies are rising you will begin to see our presence and the monitoring of your species that have been corrupted by the betrayers that have enslaved you. You will see with your own eyes many of our ships and feel our presence and it will be comforting for you to know. Many will drop their veils and remember they are also of our source and family. Those that want to see must raise their frequencies and unplug from the Matrix of the illusion of limit and materialism.

For it is your hearts and your love with clarity that matches our level that will bring you to us. Be ever vigilant in knowing of your ancient star seed connection and the ancient history that is unexplainable. What will be, will be. The deception of your religions and the monetary control has robbed you of the knowing. It is up to everyone to study and to raise their frequency. A great day of awakening is going to crumble your societies that are based on consumption and mental and spiritual death.


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